just a few quick thoughts

I was going to post pics, but my computer is really slow updating/virus checking this morning and the scanner tends to get tetchy if i try and scan whilst that happens so there will be 2 entries today..
i just wanted to draw everyones attention to the new Drawn Thread charts being released this month so you can all drool with me..
Drawn thread
i love Toccata number three, but especially love the series of little alphabet samplers… i love how she has done the layout, and what a brilliant way to use up silk ends

I also wanted to say i am going to be creative this weekend i am off in a minute to go buy supplies to make a a girl at the gym a fascinator… she is off to the devonport cup next week and needs something for her hair and me being me said oh i can make one of those rather than you spend 60 plus dollars at a local store  for a really shoddy one ( i checked them out they are a rip off)
so i am off hunting materials today.. a fascinator for the uninitiated is like this… Fascinators so it should be interesting.. i will try and remember to get pauly to bring the camera home
she is wearing chocolate brown and apparently there is a bronzey gold accessory thing happening so i will be challenged to make it look pretty i think…
anyway i will post pics of my stitching later, not that there is much to see on anything really… but still stitching is stitching


2 responses to “just a few quick thoughts

  1. I am really looking forward to your fascinator

  2. Just remember that feathers = cat toys! 😉

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

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