pictures as promised..

firstly my pathetic Ardehel wip..
no laughing, i did this when the house was invaded by family and i ended up on the bed in telling my girls i was moving to macquarie island ..aussie girls might get how desperate i was.. so i think i made an awesome effort in the circumstances.. mental note NEVER let people visit on fifth weekends

next is my lovely Persanne start . Nicki sent me the chart for birthday/xmas it has bee started on white 28 ct graziano and stitched 1×1 with Heartbreak silk from Vikki Clayton.. i sort of think i might want to do a slightly lighter colour for the centre.. any suggestions for Clayton silk blues gladly accepted as i am not sure which way to go


 thirdly is my mystery QS wed Start..
Sharon sweelty organised some charts to be done for me for my birthday one of them was Lovenotes from Annie Rodrigue
my measely start is below, i started on page 2 so i could show people the face quickly.. it is 1×1 on 32 ct Passione riccamo even weave, which has replaced jobelan as the number 1 fav for me.. i know who would have thought it , jobelan was the top by a long way
and why did i choose this chart.. the little bare bottom of


now all that is left is to have a final decision on a chart for the challenge.. i had Sweet Jasmine by caron Vinson printed today..
but thatis not to say i will stitch her….. i have the perfect fab though… hmmmmm


9 responses to “pictures as promised..

  1. Beautiful as always miss fudgey 🙂
    Aredhel is stunning… makes me want to abandon my fools quest of blak and head to her face.
    the new starts took scrummy too but I can’t believe you haev turnded aside from the ever faithful 28ct jobelan! :p
    It is still my favourite for HAEDs I think

  2. Aredhel is gorgeous. love the heartbreak silk you using on persanne. now i know you asked for a suggestion for a lighter blue but would a periwinkle work instead? don’t remember the chart well enough to say for sure. as usual your work is simple beautiful. you’ve turned away from jobelan???????

  3. You’ve got some beautiful starts!

  4. have been pretty busy from the looks of it! Love all 3 of your wips…I don’t think I am familiar with the Persanne chart? hugs…Judy

  5. Judy look back a few entries there is a link somewhere… 2 entries back i think…

    No i will never totally abandon jobelan as it is wonderful , BUT this evenweave is pretty damn good

  6. Love all the eye candy but i think that the reason you picked Love notes is note because of the bare bottom, rather the bare PINK bottom (giggles)
    As for blues in silkies…I lke Blue sky/blue stone/ice dragon depending on how light or dark you want it.

  7. now bluestone is one i wondered about, but it looks really different in the collection pack picture than it does in the individual picture.. they look like tiotally different threads.. i don’t think it works if looking at the individual pic, but it does if i look at the grooup pic.. does that make sense?

  8. Why not order the blue assortment pack, that way you get them all and you will be able to see which one works best…besides, you will definately use them all at some time and the price is so worth it!
    (and…what you don’t like you can send off to Canada..grin)

  9. Pretty! I love the pics. As for Clayton blues… hmm, that’s a tough one. I have a few including heartbreak so I’m comparing. Iceberg goes nice with heartbreak. I have two skeins shall I send one to you to have a think? I also have ice dragon but it doesn’t go as well

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