ok here are the pics..

and nanananana i cropped my face out of all of them..
i like the bigger one better, it is better made too.. but i will give them both for her to decide which looks best in her hair and with her outfit, she has long very dk hair hence my adding in the naturally colours
pic 1 pic2  pic3
pic4    pic5  pic 6

my hair is a lot paler than that.. it got wet walking the dog in the drizzley stuff..we had masses of rain Yayyyyy ( we are in the grips of an awful drought and bushfire season)

also check out this website… it is for canvas work so most of you will not be temptd , but for a feast of colour and skill and absolute beauty….

West end Embroidery
i had seen the Genny Morrow stuff before of course, would love to stitch nova one day… and i had seen a bit of the Susan Porta and Northern Pine stuff before but wow all at the one site it is pretty cool

make sure you check out Stars for a New Millenium in Tony Mineri section..


5 responses to “fascinators…

  1. I like the bigger fascinator too – very stylish. I bet she’ll be really pleased.

    Nova’s on my list to do one day too. And I’m sure that site rings a bell from a stitching and craft show I went to in London a few years ago, but I can’t see the charts I remember. Or maybe my taste has changed so much I’m remembering wrong 🙂

  2. Very pretty! I like the larger one, too! And you have lovely hair!

    I love counted canvas as a change from all the Xs. I get to play with pretty fibers and funky stitches! Did you see the Hardanger stuff in there, too? Yum!

  3. I like the cute little ear! but other than that…the larger one is the nicest (not the ear…the feathery thing a ma bob)
    Never did a canvas before… I shall have to check it out, some of them look lovely and it makes a nice change. I firmly believe in trying everything out atleast once (or nearly everything…skydiving is excluded)

  4. i would love to sky dive!!!

  5. Yes, well you are still a young little thing so skydiving would be acceptable….give it another 20 years and then we will see (giggle)

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