decisions decisions decisions…..

well we all know i suck at those an i have to make so many…

what do do in the SAL challenge, what to do about this ever increasing SAL list
What to do about which samplers to stitch
what fabrics to stitch the stuff i do decide to stitch , on
what to have for lunch.. oh sorry got carried away…

I won’t bore you all with my lastest short list for the challenge, poor Cole got that this morning
my big dilemma is the Black Lace Sal Vicky, Nic, Sue and i are apparently doing..
thing is in almost every email between us they mention the AMAP Alphabet 8 sort of taunting me.. i so want to start that too.. but i just can’t it has to one or the other ( and i fear the release of purple sampler) not that i have a fab in mind for that one either, though at least i know which thread i want for that one
So Black Lace… fab… floss… shudder i just don’t know
it has to be a BIG piece of fab too damn it not a FQ i have heaps of those but i want more than 1.8 inches  each side so this is going to hurt
and i need the equivalent of 72 metres of DMC in a silk.. which silk, that is the question…
i had toyed with reversing it and going dark fab and pale thread, but i have changed my mind again.. gee that isn’t like me!
So my current thinking is  a really dark Purple on a really pale purple… like Vikki Claytons deep purple, dinky dyes Mystic Pools, Gloriana’s Purple Night Sky all  of which are  slightly varigated on who knows what fab…
ihad tried to work out a silk that would work on Porcelian from Silkweaver .. twould be an expensive fab purchase, but i love the colour, but i don’t think the purples would work on that i need something colder
you lot must be scared when i do one of my thinking through posts, and i am quite kind to you as i cut out a lot of the really Out there ideas that run through my head when brain storming in my blog
If i was to send a shock wave through tthe SAl tea and do AMAP alpha instead.. i had a chat to Mindy at sugar maple and whilst i had my heart set on 30 ct.. i may well be swayed to 32 ct and “loch” with the vikki clayton  Grapevine silk… though.. i did wonder if lilac blloms might not be really cool with the grapevine silks
see my mind never sits still…
oh and my lunch choice is easy… poached nectarines and low fat yoghurt…
check out the new addition to the Blue Ribbon Designs inscription sampler series  Blue Velvet 


8 responses to “decisions decisions decisions…..

  1. I have no idea where I am going to fit black lace in either. I said no more than 2 new starts in 2007 and I htink that will be out the window by the end of this month.
    As for colours your ideas for black lace are very similar to where I was thinking of going with it. But then I thought perhaps Black! lol I have no idea. All this decision stuff is too hard and I am meant to be sorting out threads and fabby for blackstone too.

    So in essence I feel for you… and AMAP8 is sooo pretty. I would never stitch it as an entire pice but I want to get it all the same 🙂

  2. yeah right like that helped.. you went and said.. Amap 8 looks sooo pretty at the end… thats waht you lot keep doing..

    why don’t you all just admit you want me to do it and do it NOW

  3. Well we could always promise to spend a few months getting silkies and fabbie together, maybe have an easter start? 72m? ouch. Is that 72m of 6 strands? Or 72m of floss? Either way, it will be a pricey start 🙂

  4. Hmmm,1.8 inches each side. Is that for 32 or 28ct? Since I plan to turn this into a decorative cushion, I may be able to get away with a FQ after all.

  5. 72 metres of 6 strand.. the chart says 9 skeins of DMC when working 1×1 so that makes it 9×8 which is 72 metres…
    so thats scary!!
    and the fab was based on 1×1 on 32 ct..
    473 divided by 32 = 14.7
    which means 3.3 inches left so i was out slightly when i used pen and paper it is 1.65 inches
    unless you use a Country stitch fat quarter which is 19 inches not 18….
    then you have a bit over 2 inches on 2 sides…
    hmmm i hadn’t considered that.

  6. Oh what to say! It is certainly a large piece but I love the colour selections particularly the loch.

  7. What is AMAP8? I want to drool over it too! I also like the Black Lace..I LUV the LOCH is so pretty! Decisions, decisions…but isn’t it fun to drool and fondle and fantasize over all these wonderful charts! I love it!


  8. I am dizzy! you lost me with the floss (giggle)
    Are you going linen with Loch…I bought some a while back (not linen) and it is much much paler but still lovely and you will not be disappointed.

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