i think i decided on the sal challenge piece……


5 responses to “!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Oh come on!!! You have to share that type of info!

  2. *giggles*

    Love the dancing bear!

  3. I know…you are going to stitch bums! Way to go girl…that will grab everyone’s interest! Cheeky! (giggle)

  4. Well, honestly….!! Talk about teasing!

  5. You are so bad!!! is it bums or magnolias?????
    the story about Pauly’s nan is just so sad. how bad for her to be all alone. you and pauly are the greatest to take such good care of her. as you get older it means a lot when others take interest in your life. so sorry to hear about her going blind. that makes it even tougher. do you have lending libraries there? here in the US we have lending libraries that have audio cds for lending and they have a special program for seniors who are unable to travel to the library. don’t know if this is an option. also blind associations have programs where they provide books on cd and in braille. here again, don’t know if this is an option for you either.just a couple of suggestions. she must be so grateful to have pauly and you to help her out. God bless you both for your caring.
    love your dancing bear. think sonya’s on to something with those bear buns dancing around.

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