or maybe i haven’t…

 I kitted “IT” up , fabric and all, and not what most would expect in relation to fab but it worked IMO… and now
Sugar MagnoliaQS is poking her tongue out at me…
thing is i have 6 skeins of white silk and i have wanted to sub them for kreinik in a chart for a while now to see how it works out and this would be the perfect chart to do it in cos there is masses of sparkle thread in the back ground and her hair so i could have the sparkle thread in some places and white silk in others…
the temptation to unkit is enormous..

what to do , what to do…..

My Pauly’s nan had a very bad fall 6 weeks before the end of the year and hurt herself quite badly poor soul..
she is a very special lady paul’s Nan and he loves her to bits, she is 84 this year i think…
She has 100% of her faculties, BUT she is going blind, hence the fall.. sadly she has had to concede defeat and go into a nursing home and she is very very sad..

paul and I have mega issues on where she has been put but as we are not her sons we just have to bite our tongues ( sort of)..

can you believe xmas day we rang to talk to her and they “couldn’t” get a phone to her in the temporary residence area AND they did not tell her we rang.. she was totaslly alone on xmas day and had no one to talk to… how sad is that. even worse we are the only ones who knew that was a problem cos we were the only ones in the ENTIRE family that tried contacting her on xmas day …paul made his opinion on that heard very loudly as did he express his doisappointment that his father had not left her with a mobile phone whilst they were away
Any way when we went to hobart for my birthday we went and saw her twice as the family still had not returned from christmas stuff ( boxing day ashes test in  melbourne)
hse has moved into her permanent rom now which is a lot nicer than her temporary room was.
I am trying to organise her some audio books so she can listen to Agatha christie CD’s, but we are trying to find a CD player with really big buttons ( that doesn’t have the wiggles on it) as her portable radiop/cd player the only button she can see is the on/off one for the radio we experimented when we were with her and the cd buttons were too small and complicated to operate…
also i am going to somehow squeeze in knitting her a shawl as she is cold all the time .

So i ordered some 4ply merino/cashmere mix wool in amythest ( paul chose the yarn i wanted the 2ply wool silk mix but its his nan)
and the shawl is one from the new Crompton Book
Knitted Accessories and is knittted on fat needles so it is soft and lacy
so my shawl and socks i have been slowly knitting are on the back burner as i would like to get it done for her birthday/mothersday which are in the  same week

now if i could be so organised and decisive about other stuff….


3 responses to “oh………….

  1. Hi Cheeky…love what you are doing for Paul’s Nan…she will appreciate it all the more knowing that it comes from you both and that you of all the family really care. Little things count more than we know. The wool sounds so yummy, will have to check it out and see if i can get some here, wool is really hard to find for some reason.
    bums up!

  2. You are a sweetheart. I love the yarn! And I am sure it will be used and appreciated. My daughter is a nurse and works part time at a Childrens Rehab hospital (happy) and part time in various nursing homes. She will tell you that there are great differences in them. I am glad Paul’s Nan is now in her permanent room and you can keep in touch properly

  3. I’m sorry about Paul’s Nan 😦 We’ve been there with Martin’s Nan too so I know what it’s like. {{{hugs}}}

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