bits and pieces

After endless thinking, time wasting, fiddling ( or as we say Farnarckling… anyone from Australia ever watch Max Gillies?)
I am stitching Sugar Magnolia Qs..
As Paula will tell you i have been thowing a bit of a tanty cos even though the picture on the chart is round and it was round on the website till i pointed it out the chart isn’t round… POUT…
if it had not been for the fact i had already kitted her i think i might have changed yet again. I will be replacing the kreinik for white eterna mini twist silk maybe not all depends on how i feel. I had found a wonderful mottled green and faintly purple handyed i was going to use for her when i thought she was round, noti guess i will just use pale jobelan something
I had kitted up Love Me Not ( fenech) with shimmering legance 32 ct Jazelyn ( from a pixie ) which looked really cool as it sort of suited the emotion of the piece like a moody sad sky.
i might still change my mind at the last minute…

My Love Tokens book turned up so last night when i should have been stitching i was seperating out really long strands of silk and winding 1 ply silk onto bobbins… and making a shocking mess they tangle easy and unravel with great relectance..
my first one will be cream and turquiose silk from Vikki Clayton
when i start… when ever that is
I am very unsettled and out of sorts atm , i can’t get back into Elenia for some reason.. i know i just have to bite the bullet and do it, she is nearly finished for pities sake… maybe that is it…. completion anxiety.. i so rarely go there i don’t know how to do it…lol
I owe you pictures of the latest Lovenotes update, but i can’t be bothered going and getting her and scanning her… told you i was out of sorts…
think that is it for now… spose i should go and pretend to stitch.. bet i end up


5 responses to “bits and pieces

  1. Love the idea of using the mottled green and faintly purple for Sugar Magnolia. boy would that have been gorgeous. wish it had been round too so i could have looked (Hopefully with Fudgey’s help} for the perfect fabric but that’s not an issue now.
    looking forward to your pic of your Love Tokens book.
    just think how beautiful Elenia is going to look when you put that last stitch in. she’s already gorgeous but when she’s finished all i can say is WOW!
    it’s okay to drift a bit, sometimes it helps after having been under so much holiday stress. so just drift and you’ll get things in line again soon enough. life does its call to reality too quickly it seems.
    think faery thoughts and dream faery dreams.

  2. Wow, the love tokens book got here quickly!
    have you cast on yet???? LOL

  3. With your talents, it should be a piece of choclolate making the picture round…I would try it!
    Knew that you would not be able to resist the cute face! and doing her in silks…swoon!

    Take a break, look at your book and maybe the muse will be back in full bloom.

  4. so you ARE going to do it in a Circle!!!!! hurrah knew you could!!!!

  5. Ooh, that green and purple fabric sounds lovely.. what was it? It sounds just what I’m looking for for Mystery X!

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