i know 2 in 1 hour, but i had to play

i liked this.. i did it a few times as i have a few different names.. lol
my family has always called each other trolls ( along with bunyips and mugwumps…don’t ask ) so i cracked up when this is what the randomiser thing came up with
as usual i can’t post the thing properly as i am a html moron… and happy to be so i have decided ..

anyway if you want to play go HERE

Your Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:

Her Grace Lady Jeannie-maree the Splendid of Mellow under Trollness

 or if i put in Fudgey

Reverend Lady Fudgey the Evanescent of Fiddlers Green


5 responses to “i know 2 in 1 hour, but i had to play

  1. I love it! You should see mine

  2. lol.. i just did terri of Woebegone…

    i loved pauly’s

    His Eminence the Very Lord Paul the Loquacious of Fishkill St Wednesday

  3. I think Paul’s is very “dignified”

  4. I love it, I’m now an Empress!

  5. Viscountess Sonya the Gnomic of Snotting on Wold….ha!

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