pictures and musings

well Sonya gave me a good kick in the pants and i frogged out the 4 hours of silk i had stitched on Sugar magnolia and once i have finished her i will chart in a circle around her of the white silk..
thankyou Sonya, i needed that.
i just sort of felt defeated when i relised my perfect little chart was not what the picture said but i am back on track now..
I love stitching on 32 ct even weaves that are not lugana…
Sugar is on 32 ct jobelan, a piece of Carols meadow from Silkweaver… ( think that is the name of it).
the picture of her is deceptive, the white petals of the flower are actually the glissen Gloss Blending filament stuff i like so they sparkle arkle.. next time i should get a mega chunk of hair done… where i will replace the sparkle arkle with white silk

next is update 2 of lovenotes another one which is addictive to stitch i thought i had not done much till i compared the two pictures side by side andi realised how many gaps i had filled in
you can see now the swoosh of her hair as i am r=tracking down to her face outline.. well i can see it anyway . She will go away for 2 weeks now whilst i do a week on Snow pixie this week and Maggie next week.. unless i slot a forth in…more about that in a minute

i have an eterna sliks gift voucher burning a hole in my pocket.. i love gift vouchers i get so much fun choosing stuff..more on that topic in a minute ( saying that a bit this post aren’t i). thing is they also have a sale on and the silks are 15% off so i am trying to choose which QS to convert.. the problem is most of the ones i think would be awesome in silks are 90 colour ones which makes the project a bit on the expensive side.  BUT i have a few ideas
CCKuik’s Spring fairy or Peachy Pink fairy, i love the idea of the new insect/butterfly ones in silks and may still weaken and do Blue Butterfly. Also Molly’s The Napping Cat, Blue in the Wind, Luna, Little Yellow Witch or Violet and Gold mermaid..
anyone with an opinion??
Next gift voucher adventure… this one courtesy of paula. kitty
i got toplay at 123sttich, yes i went over my voucher but i got some charts i had been wanting for a while so i am happy and obviously i got them a t a way reduced price cos of the voucher .
Anyway i bought  The odds and Evens Quaker charts,
T0kens of friendship , My cats Quilt and Christmas Mosaic charts as well as some more of my glissen gloss blending thread. It was a tough choice i had to through back a lot after i had a good talking to myself . Some of the put back for future reference were…
Quaker Sampler and Quaker frog etc from the Work basket… i really like their stuff if you had not guessed.
Also Quaker Samplings and Quaker pattern Book from With My needle.. another fav designer
and finally at the end of this long ramble…
I posted the link for the coveted purple sampler on the BB soi won’t doit again here..
i think i might be abandoning all other sampler plans and waiting for this one now i see it finished.. i think it would happily sit with Cirques and patchwork sampler, especially now Vikki has released Purple ous silk which looks devine…
well i had better go stitch on the poor neglected Elenia


7 responses to “pictures and musings

  1. What a sweet flower!
    I like the quaker frog too I think he’d make an interesting door stop some day.

  2. Love the Magnolia.She must look so pretty IRL. I’m another that likes the Quaker Frog. really must get it one day!

  3. You have gotten a lot done on Sugar and Love Notes. no moss growing under your feet. giggle
    love the charts you picked out. bought some glissen gloss but haven’t tried it yet but will be on Small Things, lots of sparklies in it.
    my vote is for blue butterfly, have that one on my wish list with dragonflies 1. thought they would make a great pair. just love the blues. always seem to be drawn to them.
    have fun on Elenia. won’t be long and you will be the proud owner of a finisher blinkie.

  4. Woo hoo, you’ve had fun and bought some gorgeous charts,
    you’re WIP’s are also stunning!

  5. Absolutely love the flower – it’s beautiful! So how does Glissen Gloss compare to blending filament and Petite Treasure Braid? I’m seriously thinking of redoing the sparkly bits on Tomboy – the BF is too dark IMO and not thick enough. And a pain to use!

    Love the charts you got too – especially the odds and evens and Tokens of Friendship 🙂

  6. Hey sweetie, any time you need my foot, let me know (grin)
    Glad to see just how much you did in the last litle bit, looks like your muse is working overtime.
    Still love the Idea of Luna for you but go with your heart.
    Love all the goodies you ordered…GCs are SO much fun aren’t they…they can provide hours of oogling time and then even more hours of fondling and deciding how to use them…enjoy!

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