opinions needed

which of the four do you like best..                               
won’t tell you their names
they are from left to right looking at the screen, a) B) C) D)
which do you consider the best choice. .. i had made my choice before i stitched, then when i stitched i changed my mind.. there is a lesson there i am stitching the centre of persanne in a different blue to the border
2 are HDF silks two are gloriana silks and i have the delightful and adorable Vicky and Nic to thank for helping me.. Vicky does nic have email atm so i can thank her.. i am confuzzled about whether she does or not



9 responses to “opinions needed

  1. Oh boy…I get to pick first…well d) is out…to similar and not enough contrast…a)nah, does not do it for me…toss up between b) and c) and the winner is B)…love the contrast there and te colour just seems to go better. It has a nice icey feel to it.
    BTW love the border…been staring at it for a while and it is so pretty (stitching, pattern and colour)

    So…now let us see what the others have to say. Bet everyone has a different opinion…now that will surely help won’t it___giggle.

  2. Hmmmm… I like A and B… A, by the way, is the main accent color of my kitchen… I love that blue! But, I digress… if I am pressed to pick A or B… it will have to be B for the greater contrast with that gorgeous dark blue. (Don’t fall over Sonya, we agreed!)

    Lovely stitching! *HUGS*

  3. B for me too – and i decided before looking at the comments so I wouldn’t be influenced! 🙂 The other three are too turquoisey IMHO 🙂

  4. She has email from work so you can get hold of her that way most week days 🙂

    As for choices I think I am going to buck the trend and say D… but then I haev a tendency to like darker colours. If you are looking for more of a contrasting look between the border and the middle then probably B. Wow that was way too much dicision making pre-coffee.

  5. Hey guys, that is not the way it is supposed to work… 4 girls = 4 different choices.
    Come on now…this is making it much to easy for the Fudgster! (evil grin)

  6. D is too dark
    C is the wrong kind of blue
    A is okay,
    but B is the best.

  7. B gives the best contrast.

  8. I like B for the contrast, but you mentioned that you didn’t want too much contrast, in which case I would choose D

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