just a clarification

re my grump on the BB…
All emails from the people who read my blog are known people and i recognise your emails etc.. and bulk email does NOT include the RR girls emails nor the cool stuff you send me Sonya, nance etc….
i know i probably didn’t need to clarify that but just incase someone thought i had meant them….
and i didn’t want to send out a bulk email to explain it…
fav Amy Browns of the day…( yes this could be a regular theme as the fav changed from yesterday to today i noticed)

Rosy Bubble and Pale Ruby

and anyone who has not seen or heard… there is a Character Creations SAL starting next month…
head over to the CC BB to check for details  and there is even a sneak peek of an up coming release … link to BB is on the left side of the webpage… Character Creations


8 responses to “just a clarification

  1. don’t panic, we all know what you mean’t.
    so, are you joining the CC Sal?

  2. yes lindy i am..
    but i am me, which means i will decide at 11.59.pm the night before what i am stitching, or that is what sue thinks..lol

    when i was just grabbing my CC model to stitch my chart for Belle jumped out and grabbed me.. so i took out all my CC charts… bad move

  3. Think? Me? Nope… I don’t think. 😉

    You’re looking at all of your CC charts? Uhoh… yup… it’ll be 11:59 and 59 seconds on the 15th before you make up your mind… but that’s ok… it makes things extra exciting!!

    Of course, I was looking at my cute little Manatee chart the other day…

  4. yes well mentioning mamtee made me think about Sea faery and how i was going to use a pale silk like Dinky Dyes mother of pearl for the back ground.. thanks Sue…. lol

  5. Hush now…we know exactly what you meant! Now…on to the important stuff….CC

    Oh….me too…wanna play! I have my sexy venus all ready but she will not be coming with me to Argentina so if end of March is ok to jump into your SAL I am a go! Posted my first post on the BB to that effect.

  6. Okay, i finally made the plunge and joined the CC bb. been considering it for a while but decided to be brave and join the fun. however, i’m using luvs2xstitch instead of heartnhands. Fudgey, it’s all your fault, but again. considering joining the SAL but haven’t decided it. will have to do a chart search. love the designs there so shouldn’t have a problem finding something. lol.
    we know what you meant about the email thingy.

  7. no worries fudgey, we knew what you meant about the e-mails stuff. I daren’t (is that a word?) look at CC again..I will just want to get a chart and join in and I have so much on my plate right now…lol..sounds like lots of fun though…hugs

  8. I know what you mean about bulk emails. It’s plain rude.

    I like Amy Brown’s stuff but haven’t really looked through her website yet.

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