not going camping… cradle mountain has an out of control bushfire and all the walkers on the overland track had to be airlifted out to a safe hut along the track the pictures showed how much smoke was up there and we realised it was just fool hardy to go up there now it is meant to rain all weekend so hopefully the fire will settle down .

the people at the camp site were happy i think as they have a whole lot of relocted walkers and walkers waiting for the track to re open etc looking for places to camp, so we did not have to forfeit our deposit… which wa sa bonus.. We will still pay Dawn for looking after the muffster even though she obviously won’t be going to stay at her doggy resort ( she thinks it is a resort she loves it there) cos

A) It is peak season and we pay for the first night by default
B) Dawn spoils muffy big time and we want to keep it that way
c) best to keep on side with the only decent bording kennels in the district
So we will try again for the march long weekend .. Cradle is prettier then anyway as the Notta fagus start turning to their luscious oranges and reds as autumn starts to poke out her head…

 Re  Persanne… Thankyou for the input i am going with the second one which was HDF Ice Berg it actually shimmers IRL .
Below is my Elenia Wip .. i now have three partial pages to go , one of which is mainly solid stitching not detail stitches, 2 of which are ALL detail stitches  but i have a real chance of being done soon which is exciting here is a link to a big picture as we know i acan’t work out thumbnails and here is a little picture

Now it is time to go back to my beautiful CC model .. a plus side to not going camping i can put her in the Q snaps today not monday night


7 responses to “pout……

  1. Elenia is gorgeous!!! congratulations on being so close to finishing her.
    sorry your camping trip is off. it helps to “get away from it all” sometimes.
    you sure did do good at keeping Amy Brown top secret. cudos to you for saving such a wonderful surprise.

  2. Bummer on your not going camping… but I am happy that you’re going to be safe at home!

    Elenia looks so regal and gorgeous! And hey, she has two eyes!


  3. Eeep about cradle… the bushfires everywhere have been so bad this year :(… to sad to think abou really.

    As for Elenia She is looking wonderful. What are you going to start once she is done, or are you going back to lavender moon?
    Well I am off to the bookfest today.. nothing like being surrounded by over a million books for me to have fun… if only all the people weren’t there.

  4. OMG! Elenia is stunning
    Sorry about the camping, but we don’t want our fudgey and pauli
    stuck in a camping ground with nowhere to go when they can be at home with the babies relaxing.

    Happy unexpected stitching time.

  5. Strangest thing…I was just thinking of all of you. I heard that the weather in southern australia is very unusual with flooding in the deserts and drought with fires else where.
    Hope that there is not too much destruction, poor wildlife and plants!
    Hope that you will have better luck with the next planned outing!
    Relax and enjoy some quality time together.

  6. She’s looking great, and I’m so excited for you to be finished1 I’ve enjoyed watching this one progress. I’m way behind on my HAED stitching.

  7. Looks great! Not far to go now.

    It is sad about the bush fires. Especially as so many of them are set deliberately. I was thinking of you when I saw them on the news as I keep forgetting which part of Tassie Bernie is in… yes, I am Aust-geographically challenged 🙂

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