hmmmmm…… ( major bouncing )

so now i have Curly Tail Rosie in my possession….

lets not go there right now..

this is about something way cooler…
you know Sue…. that incredibley impish pixie who loves spoiling me and few others…

WELL!!!!!!!!! she sent me my birthday/xmas pressies… i won’t go into details as you know i annoyingly don’t do that, cept to say there was chocolate, an Amap chart i have been coveting  .. more about that in a future post, another chart, and some gorgeous bits and pieces, including silk gauze.. she wants me to have ANOTHER new start how wicked is that !!
i have wanted a sudberry house box for a few years now.. but livng in australia the whole currency rate thing, etc has been too much of a killer for me . now i have never mentioned this desire so for Sue to “know” i wanted one and for her to stitch me a Purple Genie ( colourstreams silk) AMAP alpha 8  letter J  1×1 and put it in a white Betsy Box is just too awesome not to share..
so check these two pictures out, and marvel at her stitching!!


amap j box

so thankyou Sue.. ther was much excitement yesterday ( especially when pauly ran away with the chocolates ) and i have already been stroking the box again this morning..( as i was last night too incidentally lol) words can’t explain how special i felt..
you all make me feel really wonderful on a regular basis..Thankyou

did i mention i had a printed copy of Curly tail Rosie looking at me….
sigh…I think Sonya is gone .. two months with out her..its going to be very quiet and i lose one person who prods me occasionally and reminds me i am disappearing into my quiet place again
if you see this Sonya…. {{{hugs}}} have fun !


7 responses to “hmmmmm…… ( major bouncing )

  1. What beautiful and thoughtful gifts from Sue. Sue’s stitching is lovely.
    Well i too have Rosey. pulled floss but haven’t gotten fabric ready yet. also got Sunshine.
    Fudgey i’ll be missing Sonya too. she always keeps me on track.
    hope you have your chocolates back.

  2. Awwww shucks! I am just heading into the southern Hemisphere, not the moon you know! I am still checking mail and stuff now and then AND I will be even closer to you Fudgey dear…think of it that way. DH is bringing his computer and setting it up so i can use it.
    But I will miss you all too {{hugs}}
    Now…the good stuff…bouncing with you…it is just wonderful getting late surprises! and Choccies too (I remember you were out of them) It takes a special kind of person to think of things you would love without any hints…Sue is one of those….Way to go SUE (cheering in the background)

  3. *blush*

    I didn’t know about the box thing… I will confess I am awful at finishing and found the box to be the best method for me.. I also had this hunch that Fudgey would find a use for a little box!

    Have a great trip, Sonya and make sure to check in on Fudgey and keep her enabled! 😉

  4. If the box isn’t too little it would be a great place for stashing those haighs chocs 🙂 Gorgeous of course. Can we tease you now and say that Sue emailed a few of us a piccie before she finished it and sent it off? 🙂

    If you need a new prodder while Sonya is away, I can help. *prod, prod* See! 😉

  5. What a lovely box and beautiful stitching by Sue and a nice surprise for you too. Are you still pondering doing Rosie in silks, fudgey? I think she is a very pretty kitty..I keep thinking about her..does that happen to the rest of you? You see something cool and then it keeps teasing and taunting you until you finally have to have it? and you are going to stitch it too, paula? Sonya..I will miss you too, dear friend. (pop in and say hey to us). Fudgey did you get the choccies back from Pauly or maybe he thought that was payment for printing Rosie while he is on vacation time? 😉 Big hugs..

  6. *Squee* on so many levels

  7. Absolutely beautiful!!! Though I was in on the secret 🙂 Now you have to do the whole alphabet yourself 🙂 LOL!!

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