my wandering mind…

…. is a dangerous thing….
the musings of the past 36 hours or so
So Sue gave me AMAP i will give you 5 hearts chart… part of me says THANKS SUE your an angel, the other part says… NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i want to stitch it ….
i have been looking at silks ( gee what a surprise) and am curious to know what others think of when they first look at this chart.. apart from Dragons Blood ( as in the Vikki clayton silk)
She.. Sue also gave me a chunk  of 48 ct silk gauze.. do you know i can not spell that word i ALWAYS have to correct it…
initially as i do my mind turned to HAED.. BUT then i was thinking… why not Kaleidoscope? and i was also thinking.. i know this is way too much thinking to be safe.. she suggest 3 strands of floss tenting.. i am thinking.. hmmm one strand of premium silk?
i am safe there i can’t afford that for a while, but i think it would work…
next lot of thinking… brain started to hurt around now..
eeep ornie SAL what am i doing… so then i blew 2 hours looking at charts and i think i am doing a heart thingy from one of my french magazines… in Dragons Blood.. maybe, or i had a pinky red one in my hand.. can’t remember the name , too lazy to stand up . I do know i will be using porcelain 32 ct linen and doing 1×1 so that is a start..
next lot of thinking.. needed to lay down about now.. my 1 whole metre of antique white PR evenweave linen arrived talk about exciting a whole big chunk  of it… WOW!!! at the same time 5 Houtman charts were released or re released.. bad timing for a girl all stashed up with a WHOLE metre of her favourite 1×1 fabric…
here are is the link, the first 3 are new the next 2 are re released..
i love closed tree of Life, but the challenge of a band sampler ( don’t have a band sampler in my repertoire) which is 90 x 820 is quite enticing…
THEN i thought.. why not design my own.. but then i ran away and hid in a new thought to banish that evil little one from my brain
that new thought was.. i need to get the wool for the next shawl for pauls grand mothers x 2  as his Nan’s one is nearly done i reckon a nother week of 6 rows a day and i will nearly be there and i want to grt the other one going.. i think i might do one for me too i am loving bramble stitch now i am into it ..
anyway curent favs are…
Merino 4ply Wonder
Merino 4ply Kelim
Merino/Cashmere 4 Ply Orchid
Merino/Cashmere 4 ply Cherries

but the starting my own design band sampler didnt quite get banished…..
thing is i don’t know where to start.. that is a big problem

so … is anyone still there or are all of your brains hurting.. i have gotten this far and not even mentioned curly tailed Rosie.. i have the chart you know.. she wants to be started she mews a lot …
how many starts have i thought about in the last 36 hours.. anyone keeping count, cos when i went and loked at daniell’s Fairy Moon ( mira) just for a moment i had a twinge of sadness overmy lost wip and thought how cool it would be to start her again in silks… and convert her dress to really pale pink or mauve and a stronger pink or mauve shawl…
i talked myself out of that one quick smart.. though i do have the fab….

so… is it any wonder i continuosly forget things?? with all this stuff floating around in my brain i really do spend all my time daydreaming, sigh..


5 responses to “my wandering mind…

  1. Oh my, my brain is definitely hurting. I saw the Houtman Samplers and closed it quickly, I can’t be tempted right now. I love the idea of Kaleidoscope on gauze- the colours in this one really appeal to me. As for Hearts I would be tempted to pick strong pinks. Now as for the band sampler- what a likeable project but no idea how to start!

  2. Before stitching Fairy Moon as is, I had thought about changing the dress colors, and MY brain started hurting.

  3. You make me smile not hurt… *hugs*

  4. *giggle* I wonder that you have any time to stitch. When I start thinking over all I would like to start or do it is usually accompanied by oggling them, and that means not stitching 🙂

  5. Well read your blog last nite, checked Hautman and computer froze so it’s tomorrow and finally commenting. a bit late but…..
    love the closed Tree of Life sampler and the band sampler. did an English Band Sampler about 10 yrs. ago. loved doing it. enjoyed doing all the different stitches. it has bands and spots (motifs) on it. it was a series in the Just Cross Stitch magazine. think maybe you might enjoy doing one because of the different stitches. it would be really nice done in silks. (whine) as for Rosey, she’s fun. jump in on her too. giggle. when are you going to post a pic of your shawl?

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