Random thoughts..

1. !!!! i want… do you think it counts as an ornie???
Peacock Stitching Chair 
2. If you have never stitched Gloriana cranberry ( i know you have Nicki i am pretty sure it was you mentioning it that made me buy some) it is better than dragons blood
3. matter of fact !! the cats whiskers is on fire look at the new release page from Dinky Dyes The Cat’s Whiskers Design Studio
4. It is Australia Day… i would rather we celebrated federation ..
but i will still eat lamb, cos i accept any excuse to eat lamb…lol
5. Dragon Fans More precious Than Gold ….. cute
6. Nicki has presented an excellent case for me starting my AMAP alphabet… looks like i will be ditching a sal and doing that instead.. maybe we could have a french designer SAL??
7. re last random thing…!!!eek!!! i need to make decision in regards to fabric and DO something about it… maybe i should change my floss choice given fabric for it seems so hard…
8. i deleted this one as it was a BB whinge and i don’t do that any more
9. Been thinking whilst typing maybe i just get a big piece of dark cream 30 ct lgacy linen or a big piece of shortbread 32 ct linen from country stitch fo the AMAP… sigh i don’t know….


3 responses to “Random thoughts..

  1. Oh my gosh, that chair has to be one of the most adorable stitching thing-a-ma-bobs I’ve seen in a long time! SQUEEEEE!

    I have Gloriana’s Cranberry… and it is gorgeous!!

    Lamb… YUM! I’m with you on any excuse to eat it!

    Don’t get me drooling over my AMAP 8 again! I thought doing your “J” would be enough, but get me looking at it again, and I’ll have to reconsider!


  2. Gloriana Cranberry is the best thread in the whole wide world! There were some people complaining about Gloriana silks on a BB the other day. Odd – I think they’re wonderful.
    Do you know Crescent Colors are going to start doing silks? They might be really good – her cottons are the best….

    That chair is so cute. Love it. And the other stuff is beautiful, just not my colours. Too much blue and turquiose. I really like the ideas but not the colourways. Could be changed of course….

    And you need to do AMAP 8! Otherwise you’ll just spend all your time thinking about when you can start it! 😉

    Happy Australia Day! 🙂 Lamb – yummy….

  3. Happy Australia day. love broiled lamb chops.
    as for the Cats Whiskers, there are several i really like. the secret message ones are pretty neat. Fudgey, i was not familiar with the Cats Whiskers, now you’ve gone and done it again. whine………
    but never the less youse is still the best

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