a little picture…

i have a little picture, it is my first effort from the ornie sal Nicki has running..
cept it isn’t finished in the picture cos it isn’t being saved for christmas, i want to send it to someone right now as a gift and i don’t want to post it finished until they receive it…
it actually has the persons name and a flutterby on the other side,
i have nearly done the finishing i just need to wait for 1 thing to add, hopefully i can post a finished pic next week ( assuming pauly brings the camera home)
it is from AMAP i Give you Five Hearts which Sue gave to me, it is stitched on the luscious Sileavers Porcelain 32ct linen 1×1 with Gloriana Cranberry silk… which ,and i know this is a massive statement, is my fav varigated red… yes i like it more than Dragons Blood!!
amap heart

Karen from Dragonfly dreams is getting in the stitching chair so i will be able to order it from her as soon as she sorts out the price.. wonder if the chair counts as an ornament!!

a general quiz for you all.. lol..

if you were to stitch an alphabet sampler.. yes AMAP Alphabet 8 lol.. which silk/linen conmbo would you go with??
i am curious i have a list i wonder if anyone has any good ideas i haven’t come up with yet…
Apparently i will get new glasses this week..

 i also have to have an blood test, blech.. one which means i have to fast ,.. double blech… don’t worry i am not dying but my joints attachments ( tendons/ligaments etc)  seem to have given up and my circulation has slowed to a trudge .. i have been to the doctor 4 times and the optometrist twice in 8 days… thats way too much time in town for this little chicken and still three visits to go at least

oh Paula… i will post a pic of the shawl when pauly brings home the camera… it is about 2/3..3/4 finished i needed another ball of wool though so it is on hold until it arrives on wednesday, i also ordered the wool for Pauly’s grandma’s shawl.. the luscious passionfruit
the next lot ordered will be for me.. at the moment it is a tie between…
the very girly Petals , the intense Cherries and the exotic Kelim
i think today cherries wins, but by the time i order… who knows


4 responses to “a little picture…

  1. Oh YUM! I *love* that red… and that heart is lovely. AMAP does such lovely stuff that does so well in any color, but really gorgeously in variegated colors. I have to stop thinking about this! I have other stuff to stitch including some puffy dragons for a baby announcement I have to have done for May!

    Either that or I stitch someone a letter on that perfectly-sized piece of ToiToi Jan sent me… hmmmm…

  2. And HEY… get lots better.


  3. GORGEOUS! Of course 🙂 My favourite thread and it’s such a lovely heart design too 🙂

    What combo would I use for AMAP 8? Probably what I’m using for The Token – Countrystitch’s Haystack (but linen not lugana) and Gloriana Cranberry 🙂

  4. You poor thing you have been going through a bit lately. Get better soon! *hugs*

    Gloriana cranberry is scrummy isn’t it. I’m pretty sure I have some. As to AMAP 8, I’m trying not to think about what linen and silk combos I like, that way I stay away from buying it for longer 🙂 But do share your ideas

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