i forgot….

fudgey put a hole in Beetles head….
just a little one..

i wondered yesterday afternoon why beetle hissed at Fudgey and looked really unhappy ..
usually when fudgey grumps at her and tries to bite her she just leaves…
Fudgey is a very norty little bug sometimes.. she really does want to be an only child.. when she thinks she is the only one she is a cuddle bug
when reality hits she turns into a swiping ( in Muffy’s case) or biting ( in beetles case)  bug if she is in the wrong frame of mind.. obviously yesterday she was in the wrong frame of mind big time…
i warned her she would be voted off the island if she wasn’t careful..

truly the main reason we won’t get a kitten is because the universal view from all who know our pets fear fudgey would bite it in the throat…

beetle would snuggle it and mother it, Muffy would hold it down with a paw and lick it to bits whilst wiggling her little stump …
she had her tail docked before being dumped …evil humans… we let her grow long hair over the stump so it is a psuedo tail so other dogs don’t tease her..

anyway that was the news of the weekend.,.. fudgey put a hole in beetles head..



3 responses to “i forgot….

  1. Bad bad Fudgey! Beetle and Muffy sound gorgeous. Time you posted piccies of them again so I can remember what they look like 🙂 I hope the hole in Beetle’s head gets better soon. Macros had a hole in his head from an Alsatian a few years ago, he had that sulky “I’ve got a headache” look on his face for several days. Felt sorry for him but it was really cute 😉

  2. Poor Beetle! Bad Fudgey! Keep an eye on the hole – they can go nasty.

    I don’t think I’ve seen Muffy – pictures needed 🙂

  3. Been there and done that with cats. We had 4 at one time and mostly they got along or ignored each other but every once in a while they had a go at each other. Thank goodness we now only have one cat and one dog!

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