so here are all the new things i have seen in the past 24 hours…

the first link is too a BB it shows some interesting samplers from a UK designer Heirloom Embroideries from the Heart  i adore the third one..
charmed Dream
I hope the next link works, i sent this to Vicky a week or so ago cos i knew she would like it, at that stage it had not been released.. can’t find the original link.. yes i know i am a shocker.. but it is now the front page of the Sampler Life yahoo group Thriller
it is meant to be at European xsttich, but isn’t and Sampler Coves sales website was down when i typed this up so … shrug..
there is a new alphabet up at Stickideen von……  but the page has red x’s on it so i will do that one later… silly red x’s

I just averted a stitching crisis today.. my lovely charts i ordered with my gift voucher from paula arrived and i honestly for 10 minutes or so had convinced myself i could do the full year of quaker odds and evens on one pice of fab just stitching one a month..
never mind january is nearly finished….    its a silly idea.. ISN’T IT??

people worried about beetles head festering.. no worries, been there had that happen i know how to keep an eye on these things.. my old catt Lucy had an amazing punk hiar style at one stage cos of an abscess…
and someone wanted a picture of my muffleupagus… Nicki or Nic??

and the girls, just cos

beetle beetle

fudge fudgey (not her best pic sorry)

7 responses to “

  1. Both of us wanted pics of your gorgeous doggie I think 🙂 She’s beautiful. And such a lovely pic of Beetle looking sorry for herself. Fudgey isn’t looking at all remorseful 🙂

    I can see why Vicky would like that sampler 🙂 Not my thing but it’s great!

  2. Oooo, I love Thriller. You are a very dangerous person to know.

  3. You are evil – evil I say! Medley and Charmed Dreams are gorgeous. Thriller is great too and of course I went and looked at the rest of sampler cove *roll-eyes* and so I also found Spanish Rouge and Bordeaux.

    Thanks for the pics. They really show their personalities – oh and given her personality, believe me that is a good pic of Fudgey. If you combine the pics of Beetle and Fudgey you will get Macros (personality-wise, not appearance). He can be very beligerent but he can also do that cute and cuddly sooky look. I’m also sure when he really wants something he does that muss up his fur on his face to look like a fluffy kitten 🙂 They just know how to get their own way don’t they LOL

  4. Love the “glamour” shot of Beetle – she looks beautiful. Your other babies are just gorgeous of course (goes without saying I hope) but Beetle’s photo just spoke to me!

    I love the idea of doing Quaker odds and evens on one piece of fabric! Girl you are a genious! Look forward to seeing it come together (if we both don’t get distracted in the meantime – is it a good time to mention I ordered Quaker post the other day?)

  5. not checked in last couple days.
    What beautiful fur babies. love them all!!!
    As for those charts, love Medley and Charmed Dreams, with Nic on that one. then there’s Thriller….. that’s a beautiful thing!!!
    Kerry is right you are a dangerous person to know. however a very sweet one too.

  6. Cute pics and those links are just dangerous! Love Charmed Dreams & Medley and Thriller is stunning. All must now be added to the wish list.

  7. Beetle looks like my daughters cat Skittles, who used to live here but moved to Lindsey’s apartment for peace and quiet! Fudgey does look a little threatening in that picture.

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