pretties from character creations

well i have recovered sufficiently from my visit from the gastro bug.. who kindly arrived about the same time as i had 7 vials of blood sucked out of me at pathology.. oh the embarassment of passing out in pathology and having to lay down in a spare blood sucker room ( giggle like my visuals)

anyway i recvoered enought to show you all kerry’s pretties, just incase you have not all been over there to check, and if not WHY NOT!!!!
my favis the Macro of My Hearts Choice macro
though i have to admit the fullsize is pretty gorgeous too…
My Hearts Choice 
maybe i should buy both, those roses look wonderful, what a great valentines day release kerry!!
Next up is a stunning release which falls into my mega chart long term goal candidacy … some of you may remember that goal… anyway the mysteriously sexy Priestess of Avalon has been a long time fav
and finally for those who bemoan the lack of hunky male charts …
i don’t think they get much cuter  than this dude… luscious rather aptly named i think…

hmmm which to buy…
and then to totally change direction..
for black work lovers… bit of a pain it is a kit though
Dancing Tulips


8 responses to “pretties from character creations

  1. Then my work here is done. Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!

    The tulips are lovely in those changing colours. I agree about it being a kit though. Bah.

  2. Thanks for the visual… get better! *HUGS!*

    Lovely new art, Kerry! My Hearts Choice is gorgeous! And yeah… I gawked at Mr. Lucious for a bit. B>

    Those tulips are cool – bummer it’s a kit, though.

  3. Bummer about the gastro, I hope you’re all better now though.

    Kerry has put up some lovely new charts! Oh, and those dancing tulips are wonderful. They’d look beautiful on anyone’s wall I would imagine.

  4. Gladto hear you’ve been feeling better 🙂 I’ve been lusting after those tulips for ages!
    I saw something this morning that made me think of you:

  5. oops. i meant to make a clicky thing for that:
    stitching diva

    That’s better :S

  6. !!!!!
    Tash i must have it…
    only thing is try as i might i can’t get patterns online charts to work for me i have downloaded the reeader thing etcetcetc, and it just won’t work…
    wonder if the designer has it for sale somewhere else, they usually do.. might investigate
    lol or i could design my own

  7. Sorry you’ve not been well. and the blood taking bit is awful. hope all is well with you, we cannot have our Fudgey Stitching Diva ill. oh no, you’ve got to be working on all 8 cylinders or how else can you enable and entice us into all those lovelies. (((((hugs))))
    Dancing Tulips is my favorite. love all those beautiful springtime colors in mostly blackwork stitches. gonna have to see if it’s available in the US.
    thanks Fudgey for sharing.
    take care and get well really soon.
    many hugs,

  8. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I hope it goes all the way away soon. Those are some lovely designs that Kerry has done. Those reds in my heart’s choice are lovely. Avalon would be a great choice for a mega size chart.

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