pay back…

Well Kerry released things that tempted me terribley.. well actually didn’t tempt i will be buying next week…
so i think it is only fair i say that the Thriller Sampler, she does not want to know about the availability of is now at
European cross stitch…  just in case no one has it in their book marks… ( pokes tongue out at kerry)

i was going to scan Elenia.. but i had a fit of the can’t be bothered’s sorry.. sort have had a hiccup this week with the illness thing so i sort of feel like it is a bit of an underachieving week..
speaking of which i have now gone 4 days without chocolate.. so now being me and perverse i will try for another week… i sort of wonder about lasting to easter but that makes me feel sad just thinking about it so i will aim for another week..
i once went three months without chocolate.. and it wasn’t much fun.. but i figure i can play for a bit i like setting myself silly goals


7 responses to “pay back…

  1. Oh dear, a no chocolate spell. Now what am to do ….Sitting on my table is a package ready to send containing the RR and CHOCOLATE :-)shall I undo the package, take out the chocolate and eat it my self, giggle..or just send it on and see how long you can be good.

  2. I’m poking my tongue right back at you! 😛

  3. oh heavens jan leave it in there.. i have choc in the house right now from Sue and polly… it is a test of my resolve… Mind you i don’t deserve treats i am still miles behind on my RR.. where i am meant to be right now..

  4. Spanish Rouge… *sigh*

    Why do I click on your links? WHY?

    And why are you torturing yourself by not eating chocolate after such a yucky week, anyway, hmmm?

  5. No Chocolate!!! would a bite of chocolate be a positive motivator?
    will have to check out Thriller, although European Cross Stitch is such a tempting site for me.
    hope you’re feeling a whole lot better.

  6. Oh no as I sit here reading this and pigging out on chocolate.
    I love Thriller

  7. I understand the whole can’t be botherdness – happens a lot to me 🙂 I’m glad you said you had choc at home otherwise telling me you are trying to not eat choc would make me send you heaps just to make you crack LOL

    Sue, I like Spanish Rouge too

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