so i need ten hands and 48 hours in a day

would be a good title for a stitch a holics autobiography…
as more and more stuff that will be released at nashville sticks its head out and looks at me the more overwhelmed i become about the things i need to stitch in my life time..
i know in the end i will stitch what i stitch and it will make no difference, and i also know part of the fun is the wonderful daydreaming, but oh boy it has been sensory overload lately.
For example.. i can’t WAIT for that Peacock stitching chair to be released I am obssessing.. it is so special and unique, and she hasn’t made it hideously expensive and made it take 12 months ofr all the pieces and used ridiculous expensive bits and pieces some of which there is not even enough made for the original people stitching the whatever it is and then released finishing details seperatley for another money sting for another designer person.. hmmm do we know what i am alluding to here??? lol…. every now and then i get abit thingy about the exclusivity of a few designers and how inaccessable they make their work for the average stitcher..

i will probably cop it for saying that but hey i never mentioned any names and i was actually thinking of 2 designers
then as everyone knows there is my fetish for Dragonflies which i keep fairly well controlled, until Sue sent me my dragonfly calender which i adore…. ((hugs)) i did not have one dragon fly thing in my possession, even though these days i am more drawn to them than frogs.. wish pandora would release a dragonfly bead….
ANYWAY i wandered off there.. this was released a few days ago from Midnight Stitching Dragonfly Sampler  and the thing is it is small enough for me to be thinking… you know….. well you know what it gets me thinking..
how cool would it look in a dark purple with the wings in a sparkle thread…
next i want to have al the Blue Ribbon Design inscription samplrs in my colection for posterity.. that is one day i wil do one or all of them.. and they have released 1 and are about to release another AND there is another in the wings!!!

Blue Velvet Inscription Sampler
and in the wings
Red Velvet Building blocks and Black velvet Inscription Sampler
Next.. this is Anna ‘s fault she bought some stuff from here and whilst i had been here before i had never frolicked in the accessory section..

and like OMIGOD!!!!! look at all the scissors..i am obsessessed with little finepointed scissors and owning them atm and this was a bad bad bad place to roam so far i have been good but oh boy
have fun looking at all the cool stuff, best collection in one place i have seen online
and finally a question does anyone have in their silk stash the Gloriana pomegranite?? i have it on order from needle in a Haystack but i am busting to know is it like in the first linked  picture or more pinky like in the second linked need to scroll down..
can anyone guess why i am asking lol
oh and did i mention speckled fae, tribal fae and a few pink misses from Jas becket griffith who are poking their tongue out at me now…
I love daydreaming


10 responses to “so i need ten hands and 48 hours in a day

  1. Ok I looked at Nics stash of glorianas which i happen to haev to hand at the moment and pomegranate looks more like the Sb&bs link than the second pinkier one. Does that help?

  2. I *love* that chair… must have it! Pre-order only? Tease tease tease!

    My main pair of scissors are a pair of Wasa scissors that I positively adore and freak out when I can’t find them. I don’t have a Bermuda triangle of a chair, though, so I don’t lose them very often… just when I’m excessively blonde and do something really dingy.

  3. Oh Fudgey..too many “pretties” in the links you sent us too..I also have spent alot of time of eyecandy…I should quit looking at all my different bookmarks of online stores (like ABC,Viki’s site, etc.) just makes me drool and daydream…but it sure is fun!

  4. LOL I know who one of the designers is and I can guess at the other. It does get frustrating and ridiculously expensive but I suppose we don’t HAVE to use the silks and beads she recommends. And they are beautiful when done 🙂

    Did you notice down the Blue Ribbons page there’s something called Girlie Girls? A box sampler in shades of red and pink. Hmmm… sounds interesting 🙂

  5. no we don’t have to have all the stuff recommended, but when most of what is used is varegated overdyed silks, and they use limited release charms,frames etc, or charge extra for how to put it together, it seems a bit sucky to me

    and yes the girly girl thing is intriguing,… it will either be wonderful or revoltingly icky..

    and thanks for the hint about pomegranite vicky.. i really am in love with the colour atm…

  6. Daydreaming gets me going and then i make a handwritten list so i can “think” it over. this has helped me squash some of my obsessive habits, sometimes,kinda, in a way. (right!)
    Keep daydreaming Fudgey, it’s the key to living the good life. lots of beautiful things.

  7. I know what you mean fudgey, there is a certain designer that I would stitch more of if they were cheaper to buy the materials, but I also think that if I buy all the threads for a big HAED from Australia, the price gets pretty close 🙂 Especially some of the sizes they are doing now – so big that even 1 over 1 on 28ct they won’t fit on a fat quarter

  8. but i would never buy DMC in Australia now ,not to fully kit..
    and if i kitted “that ” designers work in Australia it would mean i had no spending money for many months.. what was the cost of the latest one kitted for Dragonfly dreams.. $350 with postage ?? or there abouts i think as you would definately have to insure it.. that is 3 -4 months no stash, no chocolate, no morning teas, no mags,
    and actually the last time i wanted to kit up a mira from Aus it came to $150ish with all the crystals etc..
    and i am about to probably have to try that again soon…
    the reality is hard core BAPX stitchers can’t really afford to kit in australia which is really sad

    edited to add just checked that new st petersburg Kit is $499 plus insured postage so well over $500 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. new st petersburg Kit is $499 plus insured postage so well over $500 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *thud* at least i didn’t buy that for Nic for christmas. I am still hvaing guilt over signing her up for mystery X. lol

    I agree about the costs though so many projects seem to just be getting absurdly priced. I love my hobby but really there are other expenses in my life. $500 is a line i don’t think I could ever bring myself to cross no matter how beautiful

  10. I once bought a gorgeous quilt kit for around $500. But that is for a really big quilt with all the fabric for the front included, 12 pamphlets for the blocks and the fabric was designer fabric (Jinney Beyer), so I could justify that. But no, I couldn’t justify it to kit a cross stitch

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