bet this doesn’t work…

What Tree are you?? 

You scored as The Birch 

In Celtic astrology, you’re a Birch. The animal symbol that accompanies this tree is the white stag. The ancient Druids say Birch people have good leadership skills, resilience, ambition, persistence and loyalty. However, Birches may be prone to depression, negative thoughts and too much reservation in showing affection to others.
i can’t put the pretty tree pic in with it.. sigh
Quiz farm.. What Tree Are You….


9 responses to “bet this doesn’t work…

  1. Love Birch trees. tried but it wouldn’t work for me.

  2. I’m Ivy….sniff, I’m not even a tree! LOL

  3. Sharon Ivy is one of my most favourite plant like things.. it is so pretty…

  4. I’m Holly… I can be a shrub or a tree… but prone to perfectionism… imagine that. *rolls her eyes*

    And I love ivy, too!

  5. I was The Hawthorn..not sure what kind of tree this is and my animal is owl…hmm it was very interesting anyway! 🙂

  6. Well i turned out to be an oak tree and my animal is the wren. takes all kinds of trees and foliage and creatures to create a beautiful forest, imo. i think they are all beautiful.

  7. I was Ivy too – not the same as everyone else for once 🙂

    Ivy people are good-natured, empathetic, optimistic, and social and may have magnetic personalities. However, Ivies may be prone to indecision, disappointment, restlessness or a fear of offending others. !

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