more links..

well i am sorry but i saw the first one and went

OH MY!!!
it is so refined and understated and just plain the bestest quaker i have seen to suit my quaker tastes
Carriage House Samplings scroll past the “girls” to A Quaker Study….
also of interest is
some new Charland designs … not a company i normally look at but i like Come in and Stitch a Spell.. but especially The dragonfly sampler..
Sigh.. i eased off on frogs cos they were getting too mainstream , and now the new trend is for Dragonflies.. maybe i should choose centipedes or stink bugs as my new collection desire…
I am squashing down all thoughts about new starts and day dreaming etc right now..

i did order the Macro version of that lovely My Hearts Choice from Kerry , but i just know when the time comes i will stitch the model for the first few rounds of the SAL.. which will mean no pictures sorry
and that is that for today..

rather short and boring really…



3 responses to “more links..

  1. now i’m liking molly. couldn’t be since there’s a cat in it you think?
    really like the Dragonfly Sampler. did you see the garden gate and hedghog charms?? love that hedghog one a lot. bookmarked the site, just in case. you never know what you might find.

  2. Damn I was doing well until I went and looked at the charm for come aom in and stitch a spell. There are so many cute little spooky charms!

  3. I really like the Quaker Study and also the Dragonfly sampler..more “stuff” to drool over and daydream about….;)

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