the Amap thing…lol

you know the amap thing.. it is with me 24/7 i even started thinking about it during my step class last night to try and distract myself from the pain of being so hot and icky from doing an intense workout in a room with no windows or airconditioning in the middle of summer.. i prmptly mucked up the choreography , much to the instructors amusement..

anyway the AMAP thing…

here is where i am …
confused, confuddled, and confounded..
firstly here is the chart for anyone who has not been bored to death with me putting the link in and who loves looking at it as much as me.. lol

just whilst i am here… there is a new Amap  alphabet which i think might need to find its way here sometime this year

Heritage De Lettres and i thing when and if i do buy it this one will have to come too… Alphabet De Brodeuse

anyway back to AMAP Alpha 8..
i have four options i like each one of them though of the four i am leaning more towards either the Vikkie Clayton or Gloriana options..
They are

Vikki Clayton Velvet Midnight Series ( 7 in total) scroll down the page i hope they are still there and vikki didn’t just launch new colours lol on  silver mist from silkweaver
fab picture

Dinky Dyes Mystic Pools silk

on the silver mist  or porcelain porcelain silkweaver 
from silkweaver

pomegranite pomengranite silk
raspberry Parfait rasp parfait silk
velvet night sky velvet silk

 on either of the above fabs or Country stitches shortbread

now i like every one of those combos, the pomegranite one is dependent on what it looks like IRL
so there you go.. i also think i have more linen options but i have not looked at every colour available yet i sort of think if i could choose the silk the fab would be easier to focus on

it will of course be 1×1 linen 32 ct or higher count if it is silkweaver and gloriana silk combo i might go 36 ct
so anyone have any views??

i will be off at a food festival again tomorrrow Festivale   we are taking the laptop as i am staying at mums tonight  


9 responses to “the Amap thing…lol

  1. I adore the idea of using the silks gradation adn well the velvet midnight series is just lovely so it gets a vote. Of course I love Mystic Pools and it is cheaper that velvet night sky would be … but then mmm glorianas.
    I,m not being much help am I and realy my preference for colour selection shoudln’t be much of a surprise. 😀
    Oh and I liek the choice of the Silver Mist fabby.

    I swear you are determined to have me buy this chart. I was looking for it this morning but didn’t have the link here at work.. then you go and post baout it again. I think it is time for me to go get lost trawling through the AMAP site again

  2. Wow, I love the idea of doing the graduation of colour through the Vikki silks. I bet it would look fantastic. Not trying to push you in any way of course!!

  3. My favourite is pomegranite which I do have and love. I love Vicki’s silks but the Midnight series just seems a little dark

  4. I love pomegranite!

  5. Another vote for pomagranite on SW porcelain.
    please be sure to eat some of those wonderful treats for me, okay?

  6. Silver Mist works really well with blues and purples… and I love the purples!

    I have Raspberry Parfait and it would look gorgeous, too… hmmmm… I vote for saving the Raspberry for a single letter treat and do the Silver Mist and purples for the whole alphabet.

    Tough vote this time!

  7. I love the velvet midnight series on the silver mist..lovely! Also enjoyed looking at the charts you linked us too…they look like such fun to stitch in…have fun at the festivale and enjoy a treat for me! (we are going to an Asian festival next weekend with food sampling…)

  8. Velvet Midnight on the Silver Mist for me! I think it would be stuning and a bit different. 🙂

    Much as I love the Raspberry Parfait I think it’s too variegated…

  9. hehe, I have all those 3 glorianas – you have good taste 🙂 But I still hate you LOL You just HAD to share the new VC colours. So now I am in lust with the midnight series and sue-purple-ous and the nosegay series that I saw at that link too.

    As to what colour scheme you should use.. I’d def go silver mist for the fabbie, and mystic pools (have that too, and it is beautiful) or the velvet midnight series. The gloriana velvet midnight is more of a bright blue than that pic above and while it is lovely, I just don’t think it would be quite what you are after. The contrast in raspberry parfait isn’t as strong as shown in your pic either so it would probably work lovely too, but it would go better with shortbread than on the grey. The pomegranate is lovely too if you would rather go for the reds than the blues and would look great on the the grey.

    Well, I don’t know if that was a help, but I can’t wait to see what you choose

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