can’t think of a title…

sorry not creative today .. not that they are ever creative lol…
I survived a rain sodden Fetivale… first time it has rained on this weekend in Launceston since it started !! No one complained though launeston has been worst hit by the drought and for me it meant lots of space until just before we left.. ( the rain cleared mid afternoon and all the people who obviously shrink in the rain came out to play)
Ihad some lovely food, bestest being the strawberry pannacotta with raspberry coulis, the Bruny island cheeses and the panfried sea run trout with beetroot marmalade and herby potato salad and the Clover hill blanc de blanc sparkling..
I got to see my darling nephews … great sight was seeing mossy eating a big platter of raspberrys sans cream or icecream.. he likes his fruit without out
i also managed to finish the shawl travelling in the car, i just need to block it  and weave in the ends and paul will take a picture of it.. i will have a weeks break and start the next one…. for pauls grandmother this time..
I am stitching Sugar magnolia for one day today as part of the challenge SAL.
Thanks for all the Amap responses..

i will wait and see what Pomegranite looks like IRL.. hopefully it will arrive this week..
and then i will make some sort of a decision.. Personally i think Sue should stop being so wishy washy and do the wonderful HDF light to dark purples idea herself.. ( i am so going to get smacked by her for saying that) it is actually one of the things that makes me heitate… i know she wants to do it… but she keeps avoiding the issue…. (double cyber smacked now)
now it wouldn’t be a blog entry without a  link.. lol
 the new Long Dog sampler.. St Reatham.. which is really nice IMO.. luckily it does not call me..

4 responses to “can’t think of a title…

  1. That food and wine sounds fantastic! Making me hungry…… 🙂

    And you now know I love that sampler! LOL!

  2. OMG!! fresh fruit, cheeses and wine. sounds so good….. did you eat some extra for me???
    hope the pomagranite looks as good irl. it sure is pretty in the picture. i like the new Long Dog sampler but not enough to get it right now. there are others and most of all there are those pretties waiting and calling from my wips.
    glad you had a good time and glad they had some much needed rain.

  3. Oh yum… that food sounds wonderful! *drools* Fruit at this time of year around here is umm… well… pale and tasteless.

    Now… consider ME smacked! I am not going to start AMAP! NononononoNO! *YOU* are the one who’s gonna start it, not ME! I’ve got Blackstone and Black Lace in the wings and Guardian Angel and I’d love to start Spanish Rouge later this year, too.

    But if I *did* do AMAP at this moment, I’d pick a really dark blue fabric… or maybe plum… and do a gradation of floss from silver/grey to white. Grrrr… *smacks Jeannie-Maree into the next week*

    Go start something on that gauze I sent you! 😉

  4. I love the samplers that you posted earlier and now i am going to have to order all of them. *sigh* I did want to let you know that i have a yard of the Silver Mist and it is more purple/blue in real life than it was on the screen. Just in case that wasn’t what you were going for with the colors. I ordered it thinking it was more grey, but not so much so.

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