people tempting me

everyone is trying to get me to start new things..

evil people..

Becky has been trying to getme to start something new for the CC SAL we made a deal..

If she promises not to start anything new until she has another finish, OR Virgo ( wall) Wonderland or Autumn red ( Harrison) or the nene thomases are released .. ok it had to start from tomorrow as she wanted to start Autumn maiden( biertempfel)
i said i would do Hearts Choice macro as a sal piece with her.. of course i don’t have time, she will hav e it finished 5 years before me… but hey.. we are working on the same chart together so that is cool..
i have been like a kid in a candy store.. or sonya in a chocolate shop (  i miss Sonya real bad) with all the new releases from designers at nashville…
below are some  more favs that have appeared over the last few days..
Nostalgic Needle…  Knots and Roses Pincushion

Cat needle Minder  how cute is that!!
Black Bird Designs My Quaker House
CHS A Quaker Study
JBW Love and french Country Cat
The Workbaskets quaker cat and Mouse.. well really the cat
can’t get a good link of that one yet ***pout*** but if you go here and scroll down.. avoiding all the other taunting links you will find it
there are new silks on the market too from crescent colours but i don’t know how much they cost , skein size etc, but the colours look good they are also on the hoffmandis link above, scroll to cresent colours heading


5 responses to “people tempting me

  1. Wooo… Hearts Choice! Well done, Becky! I can’t wait to see the WIPs for that lovely lady!

    Nice tempting links… *sticks out her tongue*

  2. You are evil! Of course you made me go and look at Hoffman! Noooooo! 🙂

  3. hehe you almost got that cat needle minder from me for christmas. I am sure most of those have been available from Stitching Bits and Bobs for a while now. That being said I would of had to order it for you in June if I wanted it for Christmas :p

    You certainly have been busy with all those links from Nashville. The stitching show here is in May instead of april this year but that means Stitches and Spice should have the new dinky Dyes stuff on hand by then for sure 😀

  4. Love the Quaker House 🙂 And both the cat ones too (although I think the mouse from the Workbasket is cuter than the cat!) Here it is 🙂

  5. very tempting things. but my favorite is the Knots and Roses pincushion.
    i miss Sonya a lot too.
    that woman has her own chocolate factory seems to me after all those chocs she made at Christmas this year. lol

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