shawls and stuff

So here are pictures of my shawl..

i still haven’t done the steam pressing thing but i wanted to get a picture done whilst the camera was passing through the house

the Wool is a wool/cashmere blend from the lovely Daphne at
The Knittery.. that place i keep putting up links of pretty wool for ..
she has been a doll this week and dyed some of the 8ply merino in Kelim   ( yes i know it is the four ply picture and you really should click on the make bigger link to see how pretty it is) cos that is the colour paul picked out for his Grandma’s shawl, and i didn’t want to do the doubling thing for this one…
and from me ordering it to her posting it only took 3-4 days which i think is awesome service given she had to dye the yarn for me… It willactually take longer to reach me she is faster than australia post to Burnie…
my latest fav for me is the geranium.. have a look in the
colour ways section but we all know i change my mind daily about such things
so anyway ignoring the dumpy blonde holding up the shawl and the awful wall i am standing against here is a dodgey picture of Pauls nans shawl knitted in bramble stitch on 9mm needles in wool/cashmere amythest

shawl 2

So if you have stopped laughing hysterically at our shocking pictures ..
the latest update on the AMAP obsession is i just keep looking at the summer sky i ordered .. they arrived and yes Pomegranite is delicious , Valentine is stunning and i actually like valentine more than raspberry parfait, but Summer Sky is heart stopping and i am suddenly looking at a totally different affect for the sampler
summer sky

it is way pretty IRL anyway what colour fab would i use then??
feel free to yell at me.. i do regularly


6 responses to “shawls and stuff

  1. I love the yarn the colour is jsut lovely. I keep wanting to get back into knitting but I am constantly put off by the cost of the yarns I like. That and it has been many many years since I last knitted anything and I never did learn to knit lace which is what I am more interested in now. I guess I will just have to dive in at some point and teach myself… one of these days when I find all that extra time laying about.
    As for AMAP I love that new thread… you could use a dark navy or seomthing even in the purple range?

  2. The shawls are beautiful. love the colors. thanks for posting pics.
    as for the model, she’s not dumpy, but a very lovely person and a beautiful girly girl.

  3. hey we got to see a pic of the fudgling!

    the shawls are beautiful sweetness!

  4. Great shawl, lovely colour! And your new colour for AMAP – gorgeous! What more to be said 🙂 Colour fabbie, that is a tough one.

  5. Oooooo… pretty shawl! I *love* the color! I’ve seen lots of dumpy blondes… and I don’t see any here!

    As for Summer Sky… it’s gorgeous! Personally, I think antique white or white would do just fine… hmmm… porcelain? Or would that be too pink? *does that cat-like head turning thing trying to visualize it*

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