i hate the heat..

and so do my kitties and so does my puppy..
paul took her swimming last night to cool her down, she does not do heat well, think beetle is struggling a bit too usually she avoids the fan , but when i have it on she suddenly appears from her usual sleeping spot and lays just to the side of it and she isn’t asking to sit on my knee at the moment when i stitch which is very unusual..
little miss skinny mini Fudgey doesn’t even notice any difference i don’t think.. she sees beetle not on my knee as a chance to be on my knee , except she is so fidgety i can’t have her on my knee she won’t sit still, so i always have to push her off..
so anyway i am HOT
I started my CC SAl piece yesterday except i keep roaming around the house to try and cool down so i am not getting far, and i need floss.. i am off to do an emergency visit to Spotlight later.. blech loathe Spotlight it is a souless bland place with messy shelves and isles and nothing with any character..
i am also about 100 single stitches away from finishing Jan’s RR piece she says in a shamefaced voice..  and i will be finished by tomorrow night i promise Diane… and jan..
i am a bad bad disorganised person.
I will do nancy’s more religiously 2 mornings a week, that worked really well in the Last RR and i forgot thats how i did it cos i got all carried away knitting every morning.. bvut that is no excuse as i am an adult..
the general concensus is the pretty blue Summer Sky Gloriana is a winner for the AMAP Alphabet 8..
so now the whole fab thing becomes more of an issue.
a question does anyone have any lakeside linen in the shade of  magnolia i want to know whether it is more pinky or yellowy cream….
i am 100 % open to suggestions of what shade of fabric to use i am actually wondering still about 1×1 on 36 ct…  i need to experiment
i also need to save..
$66 USD before postage for the 11 skeins of summer sky plus fabric.. i have expensive tastes, but as this is a dream piece i figure it is worth it it,  will work out to about $115 -$120 AUD  i think unless i go totally silly on fabric
in other things stitchy related.. Laura ( passione ricamo) has added some new colours to her lovely evenweave linen
and all my dear dragon fan friends.. Meinick is finally getting their act together and are starting to be out there a bit more commercially.. check out the link from ABC stitch to get an idea, i love brockley…
now i saw a griffen somewhere too where was that…
better go get ready to face the outside world…


10 responses to “i hate the heat..

  1. I too hate the heat- it is the middle of winter here and I still have my fan on; I also hate still air!
    I am going to have to STOP following your links- I love the Alchemist and I DO NOT need another start.
    Summer Sky is gorgeous and think your choice is magnificent

  2. Heat is the very reason once the evil PhD is out of the way I will be moving.
    To make it worse I can’t stand havinga fan blow on me which maks days around here in summer jsut unbearable.
    Hope the weather cools off for you soon.
    As for the PR linen I am not looking the last time I did that I ordered about 60euros worth. mmm that order should turn up this week.

  3. I agree the heat is hideous, my two girls and I are enjoying the airconditioning!
    I love Summer Sky.

  4. Heat..no thanks, hot enough here. Now, I must stop following your links. Love Hatching, Sweet froggie Adams and Brockley. giggle, just as well a little someone isn’t here with me today 🙂
    Summer Sky is devine

  5. Can I say again how much I hate you! LOL Of course I followed the link for the draggies. But do I stop there? No! I HAVE to go and find the Meineck Design web site. I doomed… doomed, I say 🙂

  6. Hey Fudgey, I wanted to let you know I have a piece of Magnolia from Lakeside. 40ct linen. I’m stitching Long Dog’s Virtue on it. It’s a stunning piece of fabbie. It’s more creamy ever so pale yellow. I love it so much I bought another piece to use for VOHRH. Sorry to hear your so hot. Try to stay cool doll.

  7. so how do you think the summer sky gloriana would look on it..
    at the moment i am sort of tossing up between that and the porcelian from silkweaver

  8. I think the magnolia would be stunning with the summer sky, duh, I forgot to say that before. lol.

  9. sorry to hear your are suffering in the heat – we are having a unseasonal cool spell over here – very strange!

  10. Summer Sky is a lovely color. it will be a beautiful stitch.
    sorry you’re suffering in the heat. try to keep cool if at all possible.

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