ornament anxiety…


i discovered last night that in my mind i had planned for like 20 ornaments..
now as we all know my chances of getting 12 done is remote, more likely to be 8-9 if i am lucky..
so i am now fretting over which ones to do.. yep i can even make a sweet little Ornament SAl turn into a nightmare…
i think i need to sit down and do a definative list of who iam making ornaments for and then choose the one best suited to them..
i know 2 straight off the top of my head so that is a good thing, but i also know i need something special fro each so i can’t do those ones this weekend…
Jan received her scissor fob.. oh thats what i turned my last months ornie into.. now i must not send any more away during the year i am only doing ornies/fobs for presents this year nothing else..( unless i run out of time lol) and i can’t keep giving them as gifties to angels

 My 8ply kelim arrived from the knittery and trust me it is 10 times prettier than on the sreen and it was pretty fine on the screen, my fingers are itching to knit it but i MUST finish my single stitches in the RR.. yes i know this has turned ointo a saga.. it has just been too hot to stitch and i am so angry with myself, i hate being later and i am now disgustingly late frown

here is my CCSAL picture not really much to see but i had told becky my aim was a chunk of blue back ground and one red curl and i did that plus a second red curl and a splodge of red hair albeit with gaps but still its nice to actually do what i say i am going to do.. tis pretty rare it is 1×1 on 28 ct cameo peach jobelan
hearts choice

Nance tells me the Lakeside linen magnolia is beautiful, and i think my big task now is to decide whether Summer sky silk would look better on soft creamy slightly pink cream linen ( porcelain) or soft creamy slightly yellow cream magnolia linen…
and whether i am going the 36 count.. i don’t really want to order any magnolia until i decide what count i am stitching on, though i spose a fat 1/4 of 32 ct would still be used…..

oh and it is not quite as hot at the moment.. thankgoodness…


4 responses to “ornament anxiety…

  1. YOur CCsal is looking good. only got 393 stitches in myself. now you know you can do your ornie choices, you always fret over what to do and voila, you do it.
    glad it’s cooler for you.

  2. I am sure you can do anything you want to.Don’t know how you find the time to even stitch with all you do for us.Hugs. My sissor fob is absolutely stunning, just love the red.

  3. Don’t talk to me about ornaments I jsut can’t settle on anything these days. I am bound to spend most of my weekend in a tizz not knowing what to do again and failing to stitch on anything :p

  4. Great progress on your CC SAL piece – what did you decide to stitch on again? Yes, I know I could just scroll down your posts to find it, but I am feeling lazy right now 😉

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