pretty pictures…

well one pretty picture … my RR piece..
i know, no one pass out , it was actually finished yesterday…
it is jans RR Morning Rose, stitched on 25 ct 1×1
morning rose

I apologise if it looks slightly distorted i had to do some reducing so she wasn’t chopped off…
i will have pics of my pitiful Wednesday QS SAL attempt tomorrow with an even more pitiful pic of Elenia.. maybe next yerar i will take all of february off stitching…. like the players go off the court in the Australian Open for the heat rule, i will go off the cross stitch court for the heat rule…..
Next is the things i have come across whilst avoiding work and sitting infront of the big fan we keep near the computer so it doesn’t have a melt down in the heat
Has anyone ever heard of The Courtney Collection?.. they have released a really unusual mermaid chart i think some of you would like.. the medieval fans
Mermaids Folly
Next i came across some cool Jeanette Douglas Designs Freebies, I was actually trying to find a picture of one of her pieces, as Tradtional stitches had the thumbnail of a new piece, but when i clicked on it it went to the GPA Queen Sophia Sewing bag etc..
next is one i have been trying to remember to post for about 2 weeks.. Plum street samplers have a new Quaker calender series .. on another website it explianed about why they used first month, second month etc instead of the month names.. i need to find that again…
next in my wander through cyber space is the WOOHOO moment for me this week.. i have been waiting for a particular Jan Houtman sampler to be released.. i loved the
Le Noir et Rouge one i linked a month or so back, but the one i had been holding out for before i emailled Ina was Rainbow Sampler
not the best picture but nonetheless you get the idea!
next a dilemma.. if i order the Rainbow sampler ..which is really norty of me but there you go i am bad.. i shouldn’t really order the new Blackbird Designsย  Needle and Thread Book.. Karen has it at Dragonfly Dreams i think it might work out cheaper if i bought iย OS though postage might negate that anyway it isn’t cheap, but it does have 12 designs…
and i know next month my expense will be 12 skeins of Gloriana and a chunk of linen
and there are two important Aussie girl Birthdays coming up…..

edited to add… i found this on Shakespeare’s Peddlers website re the quaker months..
The Story: While referring to the months of the year, Quakers did not use “January,” “February,” etc., as these were names derived from heathen gods. Instead, they referred to each month as “First Month,” “Second Month,” and so on.


14 responses to “pretty pictures…

  1. The RR looks stunning, so worth the wait and it must have been hell with all those light colours *hugs*

    As for all your teasing with links I am being strong :p

    .. 2 birthdays… hmm i am missing one then, may ust have to email you ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Love the RR – she’s beautiful! Well done on getting her finished ๐Ÿ™‚

    That Blackbird Designs books looks good doesn’t it – well worth it I’d say ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The RR looks fantastic.

    Just love those two Jan Houtman samplers. They’d look really nice on either side of my Celtic Banner. I’ve already got the Mermaid Folly on my wish list after seeing it somewhere. I’m so bad at being strong to those clicky links. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The RR is just amazing. And yet again the similarities, I too ordered Raibow Sampler as soon as I heard it was available-to be put away for a later date!

  5. the RR is stunning.
    you’ve been a busy little cyber browsing shopper!

  6. The RR looks fabulous!!

    Both the Jan Houtmans are amazing!! (oh no, oh no!). Trying to be good – sort of. (yes, I ordered the Blackbird design book).

    I think the Lady who designed Mermaid Folly works at or is associated with Attic Needlework – I get their newsletter and they were really thrilled she has published her design.

  7. Sorry meant to say before I couldn’t settle to stitch my QS yesterday either. I think you might be onto a winner with the no stitch February idea.

  8. well they should be happy Cathy.. her work is really unique, no mean feat these days.. i wonder what else she has up her sleeve..
    and how dare you tempt me saying you have ordered that book… whimper..
    so one question if we declare february no stitch month in Australia.. what do we do instead???

  9. ‘if we declare february no stitch month in Australia.. what do we do instead???’

    We sit in air conditioning and eat chocolate of course! LOL

  10. oooh, pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Your rr piece is beautiful. thanks for posting a pic.
    love the JH Rainbow Sampler and the Quaker Month Series. there are so many pretties and so little time. sigh!!!

  12. You did a fantastic job on that RR…with all those pale colours and in the heat too…wow! Now that is well worth a wolf whistle! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    As for Hot February….I can surely sympathize because Argentina was just as hot…my solution for a none stitching month….a cool fan blowing in your direction whilst eating yummy italian chocolate gelati (icecream) !!!!!
    (and we all know that italian chocolate is not fattening as it is one of the basic food groups)

  13. Oooo… very pretty! You did a square with a bunch of neutrals in it! And in the heat, too! Wow, break out the chocolate!

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