pictures i promised…

here is my darling little Love Notes .. truly if you are not stitching an Annie chart you should.. They translate into stitches really well…
she is being stitched 1×1 on PR even weave linen which is sort of 30 ct i think..
love notes

sttiching her this week for a treat was menat to get me over wanting to start
Curley Tail Rosey and L’amour Toujours L’amour , but it didn’t really work, now i just want to stitch them as well… sigh
Then almost the complete opposite to my slight, naked little pink girly sprite is my big bold strong  brightly coloured Elenia.. sort of the difference between what i wish i was and what i really am in some ways…

next is the most gorgeous new AMAP release.. Nicki had you seen this yet?.. it is hot offthe presses, even the person it was done in honour of didn’t know until today !!
it is Victoria’s Quaker done for Vikki clayton by jackye of AMAP.. i love it.. another quaker i like.. the world is all out of alignment
next is a pretty picture just cos i think it is really gorgeous.. the site is fun to look at too, no i am not stitching any of this stuff, it is just cool to see what european designers are doing
hmm i think that is it..

oh no it is ornie weekend.. i know i am test stitching summer sky on porcelain linen, but as i just told vicky in an email… i am not 100 % sure what i will actually stitch until i sit down and start… which is now pretty much,
i am off to stitch


7 responses to “pictures i promised…

  1. I seriously love, love, love “Victoria’s Quaker”!

  2. Lovely new quaker – thanks for sharing!

    Love, love, love how Love notes is looking. What a sweet face you have stitched!

    Those two pussy cats are calling me too. But I have Carrie’s black and white moggy to do when winter is all finished. Really.

  3. Adore your love notes; have you shown annie your update? she must be thrilled with how it is turning out…so perky 😉
    and Eliena is in the home stretch now!!!!!
    no…will not look at new samplers, I am so far behind that it will take months just to read everything – grin- and I know it is lovely.
    Workig on my CC ths weekend to try and catch up to the SAL.

  4. Love your Annie start and Elenia looks so close to being finished – wow! Of course I know how deceptive that probably is but she looks great.

    Love the Quaker – is that a cat I see trying to get on the girl’s lap?! How cute! I have a real Quaker thing at the moment. Not sure why 🙂

  5. I’m going to have to rethink my negativity toward all things pink. It seems everwhere I turn lately I come aross gorgeous pink things, such as Love Notes, it’s adorable and the blending of those colours is just wonderful!! I think I’ve missed a few of your elania updates, you’ve done so much! Not long to go now, she looks great. Oh, and I really liked that Morocco sampler too, it’s very different. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Elenia gets more beautiful every time you show pics. Bernadette is going to absolute go crazy over her. as has been said, you seem to be on the home stretch now.
    Agree with you on Annie’s art translating into cross stitch well. Love Notes is well, lovely. Rosie is so fun, now you know you want to start her, she’s so pretty and girly and pink.
    okay, you did it again. Victoria’s Quaker, a really must have but i refuse to start a non-haed wish list right now.
    your ornament is so gorgeous, you know how blues effect me, any color of blue is good. love those blues, pinks, lavenders, etc.

  7. Great progress on both of those. Not long now and you’ll have Elenia off your back

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