Ornie SAl picture

another ornie down,
The Workbaskets Odds and Evens series,.. an Odd ie May
well not quite, i have left one side blank so i can put the persons name in there and a charm , but as these are all gifts i don’t want people to know so it is blank at the moment..
i stitched this with the Summer Sky on cream, the porcelain did not look right at all
paul is quite adamant i need to use a really dark blue fabric…  which makes me reluctant to persue Summer Sky… to me alphabet samplers should be on pale fabric… don’t know why.. not usually a traditionalist in these things
the scan is a shocker, the colour is nothing like what it comes up as on the screen, why do some blues scan really badly??


and no i have not decided how to finish it.. it looks like a tealy turquoise colour to me.. nothing like the pretty blue at all.. scroll down to a previous post with the silk picture… see nothing like the picture at all

and now so i can not be seen as slacking off on keeping you all up to date on whats available… the first two are kits which is unusual for me
how sweet is this..
Little Friends 
i had actually been trying to show this next one for a few weeks but no one had an actual stand alone link i really really like this.. i love the finishing ideas Pretty in Pink
and the only reason i am putting this up is cos it made me Smile…. St patty Kitty

thats it for today not very exciting…


5 responses to “Ornie SAl picture

  1. alright, please remember you’re dealing with a really senior type person. i replied about your ornament on yesterday’s blog cos i was reading both days, and well, you get the idea. if you want confirmation about my seniorism just mention Lunar Fey to Sonya. lol.
    anyway, your ornament is beautiful, love your blues. and, love the St Patty kat, he’s too cute.

  2. I think that the blues look beautiful, mind you I do like blues. And the piece that you are doing is stunning.

  3. Blues ae always horrid to deal with replicating in pretty much any media. When I worked in the print industry it was always the hardest colour to get right. They are also the hardest colour to create in screen technology supposedly. The thing holding back chemiluminescent screens is the ability to get the blue in the right range for RGB colour…. but getting back on track your ornie looks lovely and I adore that thread. I amd tempted to agree with paul on fabric I think a dark Navy or the PR blue might look lovely with this thread.

  4. Well, I scrolled down to take a look at the original blue…now you could have warned me that there was going to be a pic of you holding a stunning shawl! I would have put on shades as it was so spectacular..ok, back to the ornie…it is lovely and the lucky person who gets it will feel very special. Love the cute little butterflies too!

  5. Lovely ornie. I like the colour and think it would look great on a dark fabric

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