Birch Fairy

I have had 2 items on my long term wish list that i hoped kerry would one day chart….
she charted one of them and released it last night ( my time)
She released Three carol Covey charts.. A lovely sexy Mermaid.. Mermaids reflection
a sweet butterfly fae on a mushroom ( yes i immediately sent the link to Sonya)
Butterfly Fairy and the object of my desires Birch Fairy.. i saw her ages ago on Carols site and fell in love.. she is so blonde and cute and i just LOVE her outfit, right down to the leaf shoes… and those wings…
and yes i bought her immediately.. i threatened to Becky that my red headed SAL might go blonde…
anyway excellent release from Kerry this month IMO….
i actually bought two other charts yesterday too.. Volarium had a 1 day birthday sale for the 28th of february so i spose for some people it is still running, free shipping world wide and 20 % off, i bought 2 cat samplers Couer Chat and Lettres a mon Chat had to go to that evil site to get the link as i must have bought the last in stock from Volarium.. why evil.. everytime i look on that site i immediately could spend about $100 without even trying

I have also ordered and paid for my Rainbow sampler and the darling Ina has posted it off to me,
you should go back and look at the Victoria Quaker again on the AMAP site.. she addded the sewing accessories to the page and they are amazing, and Nicki reminded me too that in the new releases was a Jeanne alphabet sampler and whats more it is a really nice alphabet… typical..

that makes 3 things i have to have from the site now..
La Trousse de Jeanne
Victoria’s Quaker
Alphabet la Brodeuse

plus about 10 others i love….

finally i am no closer with AMAP 8 i am about to put it back on the back burner… i know i am rolling my eyes at myself..
I don’t want my sampler to have a dark fabric background, i want it to have a light coloured back ground.. so if the summer sky is going to look better on a dark background.. it can not be the colour for my sampler
so i am sulking about it at the moment as i try and work out what to do next , it would help if i didn’t have a bee in my bonnet about doing it with glorianas
so after all that effort.. i am back to square 2 …sigh

edited to add.. whilst playing on the evil site after i posted this, i came across the most brilliant cat chart..i bet you all giggle especially if you own a cat
Zen Attitude

8 responses to “Birch Fairy

  1. yes well….I adore all the little bugs in the butterfly fae from CC but the face leaves me cold…sigh…so love those bugs though. But…I got caught and finally gave in, now I am waiting for Lunar Fae (Paula will be so pleased – grin)
    the little birch gal is a cutey
    Please explain…why can summer sky NOT be on a pale fabbie…must be for the same reason that one is not permited to stitch white on white, no matter how good it looks….go figure?

  2. I’m guessing you want to do your AMAP8 in blues? Shall I send back some gloriana blues to play with? Or I have others that I think would look great.

  3. You broke down and had an ordering day. well you know how much i love the cats. like the lady bugs and bees and other things in Butterfly Fairy.
    finally got Sonya to get Lunar Fay (evil grin). however, i had an ordering day yesterday, thanks to you Fudgey. ordered Trellis Sampler by Workbasket, the Bright Spot Sampler and a couple of Kelly’s Kats charts, and had to have some odds and ends stuff. also got 910 for Maiden of May fest. it was awfully hard to keep from getting Quaker Odds and Evens after seeing your beautiful ornie. but so far have resisted. love the Victoria Sampler. anxious to see how you work it.
    you have such a naughty effect on me and buying charts. giggle. forgive me for stealing your blog.

  4. You go girl!!!!
    how wonderful for you , you bought some gorgeous stuff..
    i have NOT ordered the Victoria sampler yet… it will go on my wishlist.. heavens the rainbow sampler is on the way !!
    i am psyching myself up for the AMAP debit card melt down..

  5. pethairxstitcher

    Nothing like a shopping spree…got to confess that I got the fever as well….fabbies from SMF.
    some purples are on the way…grin

  6. cool sonya which purples did you order..
    seems like we have all been doing the retail therapy thing…
    cept those sad people on the wagon

  7. pethairxstitcher

    So….are we happy yet????

  8. yes i am… NICE fabrics, cool new blog

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