patchwork sampler picture

Every first weekend of the month Paula, Sonya And I are stitching Samplers…
which ever one/two in our growing collection we want to stitch.  I was going to do my Cirques this weekend but at the last minute my Patchwork sampler jumped into my hands..I think it was because i have been looking at so many silks lately and i wanted to play with my pretties. True i didn’t have a lot of time to stich on a sampler as i was stitching a CC model and i have to say it is totally addictive and i didn’t want to stop.. had to make myself ..
i sttiched the bottom left hand corner using Gloriana Ultra Violet ( i think or is it Ultra Purple) and HDF Rose Bush.. how sweet and girly is the Rose Bush? For those of you who have forgotten it is stitched 1×1 on 30 ct dower quality legacy linen
patchwork sampler

I have been fighting with myself all morning to not order some fab and silks…
Shakespeares Peddler has the magnolia Linen i was wondering about for AMAP  as the fab of the month ( or week … sigh my brain is going i can tell) , and when i was looking for neon bright flossies for Sue ( long story) i decided i wanted some more of the wonderful colourwash silks from Glissen Gloss .. and just now i read Sue has ordered some more silks and i want to be bad even more…… SB and B is having a sale… i know that place is shocking etc, but when i have to pay and arm and a leg for postage usually ( except from a few wise ONS) the discount is appealing…
soi am exacerbating my awful headache by wavering and waffling and trying to decide whether to order from one shop, two shops or just be good and order from no shops…

oh and i just checked it is Ultra Violet.. and it is pretty


8 responses to “patchwork sampler picture

  1. You have my hair colour on your sampler! I love the mixture of colours you are using on this it is going to look so good. And yay to you designating a weekend to stitch your samplers I was wondering when we would all get to see you progress on cirques and your other lovelies 🙂

  2. pethairxstitcher

    I adore the ultra violet! yummy colour…wonder if that is Cy’s crown of glory colour? (grin)
    You made gread progress.
    As for a silky spending spree, go for girl but just wait until you have your new Ink circles chart so you can plan all the colours and then get what you need….make sense? 😉

  3. Hey! I won’t be the only one to blame this time! Nic told us all about the sale, remember!

    Your sampler looks gorgeous!

    Shouldn’t you be assembling purples for your purple Ink Circles sampler? *looks innocent*

  4. Pretty, pretty!

    Did you get my email to say thank you for the gorgeous gifts 🙂

  5. So beautiful!! Just lovely!!

  6. Those colours are all working together beautifully. And I agree, ultra violet is delish.

    Sue, actually you knowing about the sale is your fault. I would never have gone to check out fibres and therefore seen they were on sale if you hadn’t asked us for crazy colour choices. That reminds me, you failed to send an email detailing just what you had bought 😉

    So JM, did you cave and purchase. sorry to hear you have had a nasty headache, if it helps I have had a migraine since Sat. I am currently playing fast and loose with a variety of drugs to bury mine 🙂

  7. Forgot… CC model. Is this the same mystery one or have you started a second?

  8. Wow! Your Patchwork Sampler is beautiful. love those colors. sorry you have a headache. that’s no fun when you’re trying stitch.
    Sale, missed out on that, have to check it out. just ordered silks from Carrie, waiting for them to come. the colors are yummy. after all is said and done,Fudgey THANK YOU for turning me on to silks.
    You feel better real soon.


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