threads of many colours

Some of you may have seen in nicki’s blog that i sent her some pretty overdyed cottons..
wel i decided last night to order some pretty cottons from Crescent colours and Weeks Dye works for myself lastnight..
Dragonfly Dreams added The Workbasket cat and Mouse Quaker chart and i just had to have it.. I wanted the cat for me and the Mouse would be perfect for my friend Vix’s birthday ( eek end of this month) gift, i always make her something, but i only wanted something small this time as i am sending her a Knittery Gift voucher
So anyway i ordered that and then i thought well lets be bizarre and stitch it in overdyed cottons so then i went and played and ordered 6 cottons.. now about this point i guess Sue is rollingher eyes and wondering why i did not get them cheaper at SBand B given i have an order of silks heading to her to post to me.. what can i say.. i wanted the for the weekend… i definately want one for the mouse and that will need to be finished before the SB and B order even arrives i suspect.
So what colours did i order, including what silks are on their way via Sue..
From Dragonfly dreams i ordered ( mainly using using SBand B links cos they are bigger)…
Weeks Dye Works – 1329 Blackberry
Weeks Dye Works – 2274 Romance
Crescent Colours – 056 Pink Champagne
Crescent Colours – 098 Jelly Roll
Crescent Colours – 151 Bing Cherry
Crescent Colours – 148 Pickled Beets
The Workbasket – Quaker Cat and Mouse

on a side note if anyone is ordering from SBand B or another site that has Raspberry Tart or Love from Weeks Dye Works i would love a skein or two.. Those ones were not on the Aus site and i had already done my SBand B order etc..
then on the way via Sue is..
Belle Soie Elegant  Eggplant
Belle Soie Fresh Raspberries
Colour wash Silk Blueberry
Colour wash Silk Cherry
Colourwash Silk  Antique Rose

i think that is it.. i know bad bad fudgey.. i was meant to be buying fab for AMAP..
bad bad fudgey
so i just have to decide which would look good for the mousey from the top 6 colours and which one to use for the tribute to cheryl.. i am leaning towards Jelly roll for the tribute piece, or maybe i will usr my Orchid Gloriana still… must decide…
my Volarium stuff arrived less than a week after ordering.. must be the best service in the world IMO
spose i should go stitch elenia.. i doubt you will see pics from me this week i have nothing to scan until monday/tuesday


7 responses to “threads of many colours

  1. I just need to say I feel like I am in a fruit basket. They are all absolutely yummy and NOT your wishy washy tame pinks.

  2. pethairxstitcher

    The Cat and mouse you picked are giggle very playful and I can see your 2 kitties eyeing that mouse with delight…would make a great cat toy stuffed with catnip….dare say your friend would not be too thrilled —giggle.
    Lovely threads you have picked as well…we all approuve those colours…right girls?

  3. Those are some lovely colours you have ordered. Maybe one of those ones you ordered will turn out to be one you want to do AMAP8 with

  4. I love Quaker Cat and Mouse!! I’d love to hear what you think of the belle soire silks I nearly ordered the full set recently but came to my senses (I’m off to Sydney next week and need spending money).

  5. I saw the cat and mouse quaker chart this morning during my internet travels and thought that would be something you would like….glad to see I wasn’t wrong! LOL

  6. all the colors you chose are great. Elegant eggplant and Fresh Raspberries are my favs though. you know i just love all those really bright colors. your shopping skills are superior. giggle you must keep them honed and not allow yourself to loose that talent, we depend on you Fudgey to keep us on the right track. giggle

  7. I have a skein of Love in my stash – sending it…. 🙂

    Love Crescent Colors – thank you for mine! 🙂

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