do you ever…

have weeks when you should just stay in bed and try again the next monday??
don’t read if you don’t want to put up with my self pity

well actually Monday was ok i shouldn’t dis monday, the only thing that day was the headache that would not go away..
Tuesday i went to put my shoe on to go play tennis and my pathetic back went and i spent the day in a neurofen plus induced haze and doing stupid back exercises endlessly, i had to miss the gym which i hate and muffy and my walk was not the worlds most wonderful walk, poor puppy. Then when paul got home he announced that the dates we had been planning to go to melbourne were not on ( we had planned them for like 2 weeks) because he just remembered it was the start of Golf pennant for the year… of course my holiday should be put on hold for his dumb golf.. thing is i had bee in the process of booking during the day when the computer threw a tantrum, so if i had booked HE would have sooked like it was all my fault… and whined the whole trip about how he was missing out on golf…

Wednesday back started to improve thank goodness but the headache was back and my bad ankle was so swollen i could not bend it ( eye roll why i ask , when i had done no exercise the day before would it swell….)
the holiday issue  meant paul had to change his holiday request details which of course he forgot to do… (MEN)..
then i have the BB thing… of course heaven forbid i should mention that …
And then paul sulked all night cos i got a  tetchy about him not changing his holiday dates, which meant i ended up crying cos a tetchy paul is a mean paul
this morning my back is sore again , i fell over walking the dog, landedin a heap in the gutter crying with the dog jumping on me thinking i was playing then worried cos i was crying  and now my left ankle is as swollen as my right ankle ( spose i am balanced now) and we have missed out on the discount flights because the world stops for golf.. and now he will sulk cos we have to stay in a cheaper hotel…
hence my medicating with shopping…
i need to sort my body out i am going to Strahan ( chose this link for the yummy food pics lol, but if you click on the left links there are some lovely pics) on saturday for two nights in the tent.. also strahan villiage link i will be hopeless if my back hurts and my ankles don’t work, the sooner i get to see the specialist the better ( it will be a long 5 months i think)

ok sook over i just needed to whine for a bit…. Paul doesn’t like to think about my body falling to pieces this way so he tends to ignore it or say childish things about me being soft… he comes from the osterich in the sand school of dealing with stuff

My Rainbow band sampler chart turned up yesterday , it looks wonderful it is LONG
111 x 761 stitches so on 32 ct it would be  3 1/2 ish inches by 24ish inches  so more than a FQ but that is ok as i have some wonderful cream sienna linen i have been hoarding from Sue.. or i could do it on 36 ct whcih would make the length about 21 inches.. BUT i am not starting it so stop even thinking about it…
Ina is a wonder though i can’t believe how quickly it came
i think i might redo my wishlist.. thing is i thought i would try the notefish thing others on th BB had done and … SIGH… i can not for the life of me work out how to do it, usually i can work these things out, but not this one.. i have tried everything my blonde brain can think of and no luck so far…
well sorry if you made it this far… i promise i will go back to more interesting things like stash next post


15 responses to “do you ever…

  1. I’m sending you tons of cyber hugs and choccies sweetie. Wish I could give you a hug!

  2. pethairxstitcher

    Poor baby, go ahead and helps to get it out. We all have days similar to that once in a while. gotta take the good with the bad, I suppose. big hugs
    Good thing you got a nice surprise in the mail…
    your sampler…helps to get stash. As for the notefish…hey…I am having enough trouble with my blog so I do understand…it is a blonde thing.grin.

  3. oh so NOT a good week so far! Chocolate is the best cure

  4. I’m joining you in the sucky-week-from-hell club. Although mine started Sat, so I’m hoping that it finishes tomorrow 🙂 Don’t worry about the vent – better out than in. Personally I’d like a chance to do the week over. I’d like to tell myself “stop, save it there and copy it to somewhere safe”…. explanation on my own blog sometime tonight 🙂

  5. it ate my comment – figures, fits in with this week so well

  6. (((hugs))) I can sit here and say things will look better in the morning but whoever made that up, has rocks in their head! My shoulder is always there if you need to cry on it xx

  7. poor widdle fudgey… I think you need some HUGS!!!!!!!!


  8. Sounds like you’ve had a very nasty time dear Fudgey. sending you lots of hugs. vent, i say, vent. that’s what blogs are for, not just the good stuff. besides you are among friends and we’re all here for you. bet that rainbow chart is a beautiful thing!

  9. venting is a good thing. Sorry to hear you had such a suckie week. I’m always here if you need to chat. Big cyberhugs coming your way. xxxxx

  10. Sending lots of hugs your way. I’m so sorry it’s been such a bad week. Hope you have plenty of chocolate on hand. xx

  11. Girl, you have had a horrid time! Sending you a big but gentle hug (watch that back1!)

  12. Oh you poor love! And here I thought I was having a terrible week. I’m so sorry, you’re just having a terrible time of it arn’t you 😦

    {{Lots of Gentle Healing Hugs coming your way }}

  13. ((((HUGS)))) I am sending you lots of hugs as you need them and deserve them, and it is better to rant than to keep it in.
    On a lighter note I would like to thank you for the RAK that you sent me, I really appreciate it. And you guessed it tears of joy. So thank you (HUGS)

  14. {{{{hug}}}} It’s your blog – you’re quite allowed to vent! Especially where men are concerned… 😉

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