I am alive…

just incase anyone was starting to wonder..
i just had to regroup after the trip and i really didn’t have much to say..
it rained… no surprise it always rains when Paul and i even look at our tent..
the scenery was beautiful, a bandicoot sat beside pauls foot at the campsite one night snacking on the bits and pieces of “stuff” that paul had eaten and dropped .. it was so cute he had no idea it was there and i could not tell him till it moved away a bit as paul is one of those people if you say something moves all of his body to turn and reply and he would have kicked it for sure.. bandicoots are very cute

Β i stitched another ornie and a bit so now i am ahead on that SAL and started the next shawl using the gorgeous kelim from The Knittery ( scroll down a few posts to see the colour of the yarn). The Ornie i completed the stitching on is a Gift of Stitching freebie, french sampler inspired heart 1×1 on 32 ct oyster belfast ( thankyou Jan) from Country stitch using the yummy pomegranite silk from Gloriana, the one i then started was another freebie from Gift of stitching, again it will be a heart but with peacocks on it, i am using grapevine HDF silk 1×1 for that one. The pretty slight orange/pink varigation through the red in the pomegranite dos not show up really … sigh
I also have update pics of Sugar Magnolia after the SALΒ  on the BB, i stitched her on friday before i left, and i have a pathetic update pic of Elenia, i finished off her skin and the pink/purple lace trim and started the sleeve of her dress and the bit of background betwixt bodice and sleeve, so back to either background or the final jewel trim next time i guess…

so lots of pics below….

Β ornie



7 responses to “I am alive…

  1. It looks like you did quite a lot on sugar magnolia πŸ™‚ And the ornies and Elenia are lovely.

    Sorry it rained on you. Good job you’re not here – you’d have been blown away too πŸ™‚ Would have loved to have seen that bandicoot πŸ™‚

  2. Nicki i forgot to mention the wind!!! the vestibule of our tent flipped up over the top of our tent twice the first night and i lay there wondering if i was going to re enact the wizard of oz and going wizzing off into the night in a big gust of wind

  3. It must have been windy the world over- I thought my house was going to blow away! I haven’t seen Sugar Magnolia in a while and it looks wonderful

  4. As long as you had a good time despite the weather, then all is good. Your work looks stunning. And as you hav said for the SAL a little is better than none at all *HUGS*

  5. pethairxstitcher

    Next time you go camping…bring your red shoes so you can click the heels together like Judy….poor you. You have not had the best of weather for camping but if you made the best of it and had some me time together, then it was worth it.
    You have been a busy stitcher; have to admire all that you got done…you are my idol πŸ™‚

  6. you sure got a lot of stitching done on your trip. love what you’ve done on everything. nice variety of colors from project to project.
    what a scarey thing with the wind. i’m not a big fan of wind anyway so i probably would have completely freaked out.
    glad you’re back and in one piece after your stormy adventure.

  7. Some great progress there, and beautiful stitching as always.

    Sorry to hear that the weather was bad for your trip. But it is still nice to get away from everyone isn’t it. Unfortunately we didn’t have any of that wind. It was very hot and very humid and mostly still 😦

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