a little green face!

so i was easily swayed by peer pressure and started Alien Cat SK for Amos for the wednesday SAL.. i have about 16 months to finish it for his 5th birthday…

let me just say, 905,906,907 are not colours i would normally stitch.. it was a shock to the eyes! stitched on 32 ct jobelan solo 1×1

 I am joining us up for Austar today i think…our tv reception is so bad most of the time and talking to some people with similar problems they do better watching austar so i think we are going for it today.. paul has been hard to sway as he just lives on sci fi DVD’s and cricket updates on the computer.. though i think the appeal of being able to watch big series like england vs whomever on austar in the future has been a major factor of bringing him around..

interesting links..
i knew about this site but had forgotten.. easy to do there are so many, it is a blackwork site Berlin Embroidery Designs well it has other stuff but the blackwork is the highlight imo.. check out the blackwork etui!
also anyone who likes eterna silks they are having 10 % off until the end of the weekend.. i stillhave my voucher i need to commit to a silk project.. and one that is easy to convert.. neither HDF or Eterna can convert the Kaleidoscope chart completely yet.. grump.. so i will put it back on the back burner until vikki finishes her HDF to DMC list.. so now i am on the prowl for another one i can convert

a link for redwork sampler fans is next… Labrinth by Mariska The french Needle is a cool site to play on .. some interesting samplers
i have another sampler but i am not linking it and hoping one of you doesn’t come across it as i want to stitch it for you and i am sure if i link it you will have to go buy it….
lol i love obscure clues like that

i hope everyone is ready for the Character Creations SAL this weekend… I am and NO i am not starting Birch fairy i need my fab to arrive and to get off my butt and organise a floss fairy i am starting to run out of colours

10 responses to “a little green face!

  1. Oh isn’t that face cute! 🙂 I bet those colours were a shock to stitch with but it looks so good.

    And I really shouldn’t click on your links… Love that redwork sampler *gasp*

  2. Love your little Alien, hopefully the colours will grow on you:-)
    Now, why do I follow your links. sigh, the Blackwork butterfly nearly drove me mad looking for it after seeing a pic 12 mths or so ago. Just as well I’m broke as I love it as much now as then!!!

  3. Fudgey I was looking at that Etui on the weekend and meant to email if you had seen it lol 🙂
    Your little alien is gorgeous and very very bright

  4. Woo Hoo, i love that green alien kitty face!

  5. Meeow! I love the kitty face!

    Now let’s not mention that Etui… bah… I just did. *drools*

    Floss Fairy… hey blonde one… who’s gonna be sending you a package with your SB&B stuff? Someone is BOUND to have a DMC sale! They always do… so send me your list! I have three big floss stores within 10 miles of me that run x/$1 sales! Alas we’ve not seen the yummy 8/$1 sale in almost a year… *whines*

  6. pethairxstitcher

    Another cheer for that cute litle gren face…Amos will adore it. It really is turning out lovely.
    Took a quick peek at all the yummies….dangerous ground there my dear! I really should know better and not browse. I have gotten myself into enough work with all your links already 😉 …speaking of which I am ready for the SAL.

  7. I love the little green face too but then again green and orange are my favourite colours and I was really good and avoided your links this time

  8. Why, oh why do I follow your links 🙂 That Etui!
    I love your little green guy too, but that Etui just shoves everything else out of the limelight 🙂

  9. okay, i have bookmarked the Berlin site but i refuse to look at anything right now. whine….
    love the green alien sk. had all of them on my wish list but trimmed it down. however, that means nothing. they are Carries kitties and that’s all i need to say.
    i’m in for the CC sal with Maiden of May fest, another red head but right now just background. i’m liking your curly redheaded fairy. she’s very pretty.
    i’m in love with the alien, those greens remind me of green gummy bears. and yes, i’m hungry right now.

  10. Love the little green face that is now growing on your piece of fabric.

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