Character creations SAL

It is that time of the Month again…

sal people wondering why they can not access the CC Message board please read kerry’s comment in the comment section of this post
Despite much campaigning by a group of norty pixies, lead by Sonya/Sue ( interchangeable) trying to get me to stitch Birch Fairy i am stitching my Curly red head again this month… though i do admit if my Wandering Ivy fab i ordered to see if i liked it as a back ground had arrived and i had worked out a floss fairy ( yes Sue i know i need to sort myself out asap) i would have been tempted.. i know i am fickle…

hearts choice

just in case anyone needed a memory jog of the pitiful amount i did
I had a brain stornm yesterday and ordered the AMAP Victoria Quaker as soon as it appeared on the HDF site.. i did only order the chart, not the silks for it as i like quakers in a singleĀ colour or the shades of one colour.. and also cos my chances of starting it in the next 5 years seem zero.. did anyone mention Purple Sampler…
i also ordered Caribbean Splash for the Cheryl’s Bouquet tribute sampler… like i will ever have time to stitch it… sigh i used up some of my posting points too and bought two miscellaneous hanks of whatever silk … thats how i got the lovely red shade for Nicki for her Birthday

the end of the week seems to be a bad tie for me resistance wise..

oh and are Paula and i the only two who can not get on to the CC message board??


3 responses to “Character creations SAL

  1. I have Caribean Splash and it will be gorgeous for Cheryl’s Bouquet. I can’t wait to see it stitched

  2. Caribbean Splash — yummy. got it and am thinking of using it somewhere in the Sea Stars sampler. don’t even mention purple la la la la la. (ears plugged)
    what about Lisa Victoria’s Bad Hair Day??? didn’t you want her too??? (evil grin)

  3. Re the CC bulletin board.

    Dave, Marcus and I are out of town this weekend. Dave has just told me he has realised that without thinking he turned off the modem as well when he turned off our various appliances. Since the BB is hosted on our local machine, it’s now unavailable.

    We’ll be home tomorrow evening and it’ll be back up and running as soon as he turns the modem on again. Profuse apologies to everyone. Please pass this note on to anyone who is wondering what has happened.

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