me again

ok onto the serious stuff at hand..
My CC SAL pic and a link.
I only got about 5 hours of stiching in yesterday between everything else, i am feel ing the pinch of the RR due date coming soon and i need to get some more stitches in that , plus a gift for my friend Vix for her birthday, i did some more hair, and some more background, i need 2 colours to fill in gaps in the hair… It is Hearts Choice Macro from Character Creations stitched on 1×1 PR linen in case anyone needs reminding

i am sure Becky is waaaaaay further ahead than me…
now next is a lin to some blackwork and canvas work to die for..
if you love cats enter at your own risk..
Dakota Always in Stitches
now go to the products page…
i love just about everything…
but my favs are Lacey Ladies, Chorus Line, Circle of friends and Brahms
i am a bit disappointed that there are charts exclusive to the classes, i seriously doubt she is going to jet to tassie and hold a class with me… pout like check out Strawberries and cream on the classes page… !!!!
anyway that is the end of show and tell  did i do good today??

5 responses to “me again

  1. Followed the link… I love Lacey Ladies

  2. pethairxstitcher

    Love the progress you have made with your CC…the colours are just a delight for the eyes!
    and I am strong! I did not look…hear me roar! (giggle)

  3. Love the colours in your cc chart, your stitching is gorgeous as always. Lots of beautiful stitching at the link you gave too. They even have lectures!

  4. pethairxstitcher

    Meow…..purrrrrrrrr! I looked and am in love with Chorus line…now to be strong! Pass the smelling salts…quick!

  5. pick me up off the floor i’m still laughing.
    having problems with the Dakota site, love them all, almost. sigh!!!

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