this is what i live with…

i admit i belly laughed when he said this the other day.
Saturday Morning the New Ravenscrofts were released, i was doing the chart detail thing when Paul was waiting for us to go do the shopping so he came in to look at what i was doing…
I showed him the new Ravenscroft images…

He said , and this is a direct quote..
“cool.. they look like nymphomaniacs”
i paused… turned and looked at him and said…WHAT????
and he said they look like nymphomaniacs…
long pause from me… quizzical expression ummmm do you know what nymphomaniac means?? What makes them look like nymphomamiacs..

about now he twigged he might have gotten the word wrong, he meant nymphs , minus the omaniac bit.. he just thought they looked like cute little girl fae without much clothing and stuff ( his words again) …
so there you go .. linda ravenscroft paints nymphomaniacs…. sigh

double sigh i spose he is a mathamatician by training…
i sometimes wonder what words he gets wrong whe i am not around..
but is still isn’t as bad as my collegue who taught sex education at my school he took the one class i didn’t take for the subject.. who thought flaccid was another word for erect.. i will leave you to
A ) ponder the implications in a sex ed class of that piece of misinformation, and
B) wonder how long it took us at the dinner party where we discovered his misunderstanding of the meaning of the word before any one was able to breathe normally again from the hysterical laughter…

Ā i will post a stitching entry later today with my CCSAL picture


5 responses to “this is what i live with…

  1. ROFL…..Men!!

  2. pethairxstitcher

    Choke..sputter….wipe the salty rain off my face and try to maintain a straight face….Flaccid! Hah…omg I really need this guy at some of my dinner parties…what a hoot!

  3. I needed that! I had to share that with a couple of the girls from work too šŸ™‚ I’d love to know how come no one in the sex ed class picked up on the misuse of “flaccid” though. Or maybe they did and your colleague just assumed the laughter was just the general sniggers, etc, you get in those sorts of classes šŸ™‚

  4. Gotta love it. what can i say guys are special sometimes. still laughing.

  5. I love the story Fudgey. I am ROTFLMAO!

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