didn’t blog yesterday cos i didn’t have anything to say…
don’t have anything to say today either really, so heavens knows where this one will ramble to
I don’t even have any pictures, been stitching a CC model, and there are no pictures of those as you know…
Not sure what to stitch for my SAL today… sort of tossing up between continuing for another week on alien cat or doing Love Notes.. i guiess when i sit down to start one of them will be in my hand
can you tell i am in a mood??lol
I signed myself up and Nancy for her birthday tomorrow ( i hope it is tomorrow … not doing well on remembering birthdays atm… more about that later) for the new Martina Day Sampler Mystery.. and it would seem i have enabled a few on the BB as well now..
I could not go past it for 11 euros especially as there is no postage as it is a download class, most of her samplers with postage converted from euros to AUD would make my hair stand on end.
so anyway the mystery sampler is a companion to the tsunami mystery she did, which i missed and of course is no longer available, but thats ok, like i will ever get this one done anyway…lol… and the link is HERE i have been playing around with colour assortments from HDF this morning i have a disease where by i can’t do what the colour charts says for samplers… its a strange debilitating, expensive disease..lol… sort of been thinking about going out of my pink/purple/blue  comfort zone and heaven forbid trying the other side of the colour spectrum…. is that like scary or what.. bet i can’t do it… bet i go back to safe familiar ground… me stitching autumn tones for a sampler seems a bit out there …

I missed my friends Vix’s birthday.. i thouight it was the 28/29th emailled her to say damn it i can’t remember which it is.. she replied..18th…..
I felt so awful , it will be the first time i have not stitched her a gift.. and gone with a store bought present..
i will give her my last secretly hoarded piece of HAEE coffee bean soap i had been saving for emergencies when i needed a mega boost and 2 hanks of the Knittery Plum 8 ply, should be enough for her to knit a nice scarf, she is a real knitter along with designing and making the most amazing bags and quilts, but i still feel bad….
which leads to the question whose birthday is on the 28th/29th Asa and kerry are the 31st but  I knew that it is on my list…
i also lost my address book… that reminds me.. anyone i should have the address of , ie i have sent you stuff or you have sent me stuff, can you email me your addy’s.. no joke i looked every known place, had to email sharon to ask for nancy’s address again… second time i have done it .
Needle in a Haystack is having a sale from the 22nd.. i really want to order some more legacy linen, i am meant to be saving for my melbourne football extravaganza in April.. where i finally get to buy some more chocolate from haigh ( been having withdrawals from dark choc caramels), but …. the desire for more 30 ct dower quality legacy linen, and a desire to check the 34 ct out is eating away at me slightly..
lets face it i will cave i have no discipline, and as i am out bid on every ACEO i want these days i have extra money anyway… could you hear the pout in my voice… i find artists, can afford their originals then POOF they take off and i am left behind, good for them, sad for me
CCKuik is finally back home she has sent me the most wonderful pictures of her mum cooking all the traditional Chinese new year foods and the food they ate etc.. she went home for 6 ish weeks for the new year celebrations and to see her family, she says she wil start painting again next week ( that bit was for you nance if you are reading my blog i know you have been wondering)
talking of food, I love cooking mnags, i thinki have mentioned that before, I get a subscription to delicious… which has a great tassie food feature this month if any one is interested… plus occasionally grab others at the supermarket .. anyway pretty much all my fav Aussie mags have gotten together and now have a website, and now all the recipes from the mags are there… i can totally voucjh for the recipes, our diet is based mainly on recipes from these mags and even paul can follow them..here is the link TASTE
look for the Spring Minestrone recipe… we love it.. i wrote a review… lol
and on that note i will bid you farewell as i have rambled long enough

6 responses to “rambling

  1. Order your fabric and send it here for me to ship along with all your flosses!

    Oooo… new recipes to try out on the girls on stitching night… yum!!

  2. Thanks for the link to Taste – I’m always looking for something new to try out on the tribe! Plus there are some really yummy sounding vegetarian recipes I can try out on my SIL when she comes to visit next month 🙂

  3. you definitely need to get your linen since there’s a sale. because of you and that norty Sonya i have ordered HDF silks (got them today) and hand dyeds from SMF. you 2 are getting me in so much good trouble (is that a paradox?) lately. someone is going to have to take the pc away from me. then there are those sampler charts…..
    it’s only fair that we enable you as much and as often as we can. lol.
    don’t forget you’ve something coming one of these days soon, will let you know when as soon as i know. that sure is an understandable statement. it’s time i go to bed….(toddling off to go nite, nite)

  4. pethairxstitcher

    Love looking at new recipes…and they have hot dishes….I like it hot…grin
    I always marvel at the internet and how many wonderful things there are that i need…really need…how did we ever manage without it before.
    So much fun being bad…
    How sweet of you to give up your special HAEE life saver for a friend…that is one of the reasons we all love you so much…you have a heart of gold! Now…has a certain little packet arrived yet?????

  5. Hi (waves). You certainly have been enabling lol! Glad I have finally found your blog. Always interested in what you’ve been stitching. Hope its okay to add you.

  6. Thank you fudgey for the ching chou update. I have missed her and her art. I glad she made it home safely.

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