Love notes

look i am actually showing a stitching picture in my stitching blog… heavens above!!
I decided i needed girly pink stitching this week so i spent a day playing with her
the fab is PR’s white even weave 32ish count and it is 1×1 ( of course)

The Beautiful Vikky sent me a stash of chocolate yesterday.. which should last until i get to haigh after easter.. given easter is in the way …
Vikky… paul looked so sad i gave him the choc orange ones had to be them he doesn’t like dk choc.
I am going to devote some of my time this weekend to redoing my wishlist it is messy scrappy and i don’t like it at all.. not sure what i am doing about it but it will be new … lol
and thats it.. nothing interesting or uninteresting or vaguely interesting to talk about..
goodness i am boring today!!


8 responses to “Love notes

  1. pethairxstitcher

    Oh look…a heart…and it is the loveliest shade of pink….I love it!
    Glad that there is still some chocolate in your lives…Vicky is a dear, hope it put a smile on Paul’s face!

  2. She’s just gorgeous!! I love the little heart on the right.

  3. Well you were right about the pink, there is alot of pink and it looks stunning. *HUGS*

  4. Oh my she is just beautiful. I love pink!

  5. How pretty! as a pink lover she’s a “fix” for that need to see pink. love the heart, it really sets off what you’ve completed. thanks for sharing her.
    glad you got your choc fix. no chocs is well…. distressing to say the least. how sweet of Vikky to send them to you.

  6. Boring? With that WIP picture? No way!

    She’s so pretty and girly and I love that heart!

  7. And such a lovely pink “fix” it is!! (sounds like me..sometimes it has to be a “red” or “purple” fix!) the choccies sound yummy..I hate it when I am out of my Dk Dove chocs which I am at the moment! :(…it was nice of you to share with Pauly! Now, tell him he can return the favor by giving you the peacock chair as a giftie! 😉


  8. I love pink. Your wip is loverly. How sweet of Vikky to send you some chocies. I agree with Judy. Now Pauly should get you that peacock chair.

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