something different

I decided enough was enough this weekend and started my 1 ply on 0.75mm needles knitting using 1 ply of HDF silk… yes that is 1 of the six strands …
its fun.. truly i can see some sceptics or septics as my mum’s friend would say..
yes it is a challenge, but hey whats life without challenges, thats why we stitch haeds etc
the BIG challenge comes when you either
a) drop a stitch… it was at that moment when a stitch dropped down 4 rows i thanked hours i spent working in a knitting shop fixing knittinge errors.. i often had to unpick a stitch 10-15 rows down and fix a missed stitch then pick all the stitches up again, all without pulling back the rows…
fyi when knitting with 1 ply no 28 needles are a real help picking up  escaped stitches
b) mucking up the cream pattern is a bad bad deal … i had to unravel two rows, one stitch slipped over another stitch … one by one…. correct one stitch out of place ( yes it had to be done or the geometric pattern would not work)
but here is the sad picture to show you…
it took a while to work out how to scan oneish inch of curled up stitching and i apologise for how blurry it is but the needles were in the way ..
that is about 30-32 rows worth there…
don’t expect a finish any time
now i am back to Elenia for the week i have not touched for about 8 days
I think i have chosen the colours for my mystery sampler the  conversion to silks collection of Just nans Mermaid heart from HDF with the additon of a yellow and a tangerine ( not sure about the tangerine it might get the flick) I decided after agonising for ages , trust me we are talking wasted hours here and making poor paul who did not give a rats…. comment on various collections of threads
I then wasted a ridiculous amount of time redoing my wish list.. it isn’t finished yet.. i have not done non sampler/haed/cc charts… there are a few that fall into that category, or fabs/fibres/accessories, i was giving myself a headache AND i figured i needed to have something done over the weekend except a new wishlist and some silks
the new link is in the blog roll thing on the side..
and i know i have missed some i was having problems getting images of some things.
I laughed at those of you who think that cos i gave pauly some of my chocolate stash that he might buy me the peacock chair…. ( there is an example of a nonsampler/haed/cc chart lol) he would want a lot more choc before he would do that… though i was thinking i could say pauly.. can i have the peacock chair OR..THIS
and now whilst i have it in my head.. beening meaning to post this link for a week.. Non aussie girls who have read my mentions of May Gibbs, snuggle pot and cuddlepie…
check these out this who i have been talkking about


9 responses to “something different

  1. You are brave to knit 1 ply silk. not a septic but an admirer of that challenge. what are you knitting? must have missed that. whatever it is it sure is a beautiful color of blue.
    you are going to keep us updated with pics, right?

  2. Another admirer of your spirit to overcome needlework challenges!! I love the colour you are using for your pinball – very lush.
    The mermaids heart combo will be lovely as a sampler (I reserve comment on Tangarine as I am not an orange person at all – ha! suddenly thought of that cult (rajnichies sp.) that was over here 15 years ago. lol )

  3. Cathy i am not sure about the tangerine either.. i was just worried that in a sampler of mixed colours having nothing in the yellows and oranges might not be a good idea .. so i have just ordered them in case….

    and i know the cult you mean

  4. pethairxstitcher

    Love the colour of the silk you are knitting, bet it is so very soft too! Well if someone can knit HDF, that would be you…keep us posted on how it is going…
    Love the Lady Scarlet’s Secret Garden…my vote is for Paul to give you that in exchange for a nibble of an Alfahores..after all, he will never again in his life get that chance so there! (Provided of course that it arrives) giggle

  5. You are brave- stitching with one strand.

  6. Love your knitting project..very nice! Also love the Lady Scarlett..maybe pauly should get you that and the peacock chair! The Rahjaneeshies had a big compound in Oregon and I would see them walking the streets of Portland some days…they also had a compound in Portland (converted hotel). Also like your choice of colors for mystery sampler..I just went with what was on vikki’s site for it, and they haven’t arrived yet. hugs

  7. I love the ladybird and I think that Pauly should get you both perhaps, and I love the May Gibb charts and when finances permit will have to get some of them, they are so cute.

  8. My eyes crossed over at the thought of knitting with 1 ply HDF silk (lol). You are brave, not to mention patient! Love how it looks though and the blue you picked is just beautiful. Are you using the regular silk or the slightly thicker premium silk?

  9. thanks nancy..
    i used the normal silk, not premium, and the colour does not exist it is one of vikki’s experiments i bought from the points shop sight unseen.. pot luck sometimes it works, and you get lovley coloured silks like that one

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