Love Notes and other cheery pink things

Well i did some more of love notes i went back to the top and filled in single stitches and did some more of her hair I find her very soothing to stitch
the mystery sampler starts tomorrowish and i don’t have my silks until next week sometime..

i am going to pick through my HDF’s and hope i can find something that i can add in to the mix that actually fits the combo i went with.. i make life so hard for myself…
talking about HDF’s i got 2 more mystery hanks which are 50 yards one is a midish grey , very nice but just not something i will use.. if anyone thinks they will have a use for 50 yards of mid grey HDF sort of 414 dmc equivalent but a bit lighter , but not as light as 169… if that helps
My Silk weaver fabs turned up and i LOVE wandering Ivy, i am so glad i finally bought a piece i have coveted it for ages, apart from porcelain i would have to say it is my fav silkweaver fab so now i have the fabric for Birch fairy… but not the floss so i am still safe from temptation
a big to sonya for sending me mor echocolate.. but i am bad.. they are ALL gone i can resist wrapped up blocks ( hence most of Vikky’s stash is still in the cupboard ) but loose chocs sitting there smiling at me was fatal especially the one that came from the Alberto kitchen yummmmmm
the item i am resisting buying today is … well actually there are a few all at Volarium..
are the mini designs from a new finnish designer Periphaeria
I especially like Tribe and The Courtyard of Alambria, there are also 3 new mags on the site i am coveting but especially the new Blackwork edition of Mains and Merveilles
spose i should go and stitch Elenia.. been frogging her a lot… i seem to have had a brain fade on how to stitch more than a single stitch of colour i ghave frogged her sleevemore than any other part of her EXCEPT the bodice, which is also bigger blocks of the same colour.. go figure
and finally Belinda has a new bookmark in her Assissi bookmark series..all her freebies can be found here i love the new spring one, the flower silhouettes are perfect

4 responses to “Love Notes and other cheery pink things

  1. Love notes is looking great. you’ve gotten a lot done. those pinks are beautiful.
    okay, like Alhambra, Squared Lotus and most of all Tribe.
    thanks for the blackwork site. her seasonal bookmarks are very nice. also like the celtic knot.
    sending out vibes — no more froging, no more frogging.

  2. Love notes is looking great. I love Tribe, Court yard and The Courtyard of Alhambra. They just look so scrummy.

  3. No more frogs for you, missy!

    I *love* that Spring bookmark! I’m gonna have to stitch that one! *swoons*

  4. pethairxstitcher

    Love how Lovenotes is all coming together, seeing more and more of the fine detail. Just lovely!
    Agree with the others, Tribe is swoonworthy!

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