Character creation releases!!

grump grump grump grump grump frown
i have frogged more in the last week than at any time in my stitching life..
i havementioned to a few people how i had lost my stitching mojo THIS is not helping..
and i thought it was getting better too until this weekend..
so the last time i stitched Aredhel i stuffed up the floss colours 3772 and 3773 where i should have used 3772 i used 3773…. stupid stupid stupid
and i did not discover unti i had done al the single stitches in the area…

So i had to frog out all the 3773, and all the single stitches cos they looked mangled ( technical stitching term) and redo them… not a big deal except i only stitch on aredhel once every 4ish months, not a lot of fifth weekends floating around so restitching last 5th weeknd sal’s work was really sucky
anyway the picture is below of the repaired aredhel.. check the sal thread on the BB for the side by sdie thumbnails you will see she looks way better now …so whilst i was grumpy , i am glad i picked it was wrong

i also started my Tranquillity mystery sampler and below is the first motif.. there is a bit of 2 more motifs on that page, but i am waiting for the rest of my silks, i had grape which was a shade of one of the ones in the pack i ordered so i thought i could get away with one 3 shads of pretty purple instead of two…lol

i am stitching it on plain old 28 ct white quakers cloth 1×1 1 strand of vikki’s stranded silks
i will post a finished pic of page one  and picture of Elenia progress a bit later in the week

Kerry released 4 new Nicole cadet pieces this month, they are all gorgeous of course all Nicole cadet work is…

Child of the Goddess …. look at that skin!!
Stone Magick
violet wings …. if i could have justified it this would have been what i bought i love her
White lady … i bought this little lady, she is so sweet looking
so thankyou kerry on a lovely release!!


5 responses to “Character creation releases!!

  1. Aredhel is beautiful, sorry about the frogs again. bad froggys, go away.
    love the grape (i have that color and it’s so pretty) on what you’ve done. it’s gonna be a very pretty project.
    White lady and Lunar Fey are on my CC wish list.
    Whie lady is so unique and even though i do not like to do a lot of white and light colors, this is one is very special. thanks for the heads up.

  2. pethairxstitcher

    We all get those times when things just do not work, no matter what! but considering that you had to frog so many stitches (poor girl), Aredhel is lovely, a breath of fresh air.
    Saw the new releases at CC…have been checking on a regular Basis, love the pattern of the wings in Violet Wings.
    Super colour for you sampler…love it.

  3. Aredhel looks lovely, Fudgey! And I like your sampler also..I almost have my first part finished..It was so pretty outside here yesterday that DH and I ate lunch out in our gazebo and then stitched out there all afternoon. Love the purple CC fairey..are they similiar charts to HAED to stitch? I have never stitched a CC was the purple one’s wings..beautiful! About your mojo..I have been there before will get it back! Hugs Sweetie.

  4. Aredhel is looking fantastic! Sorry you had to frog my dear, but the outcome is just stunning.

    Tranquility is looking lovely too.

    Kerry’s new releases are beautiful.

  5. She is looking fantastic and I think I should add that oh so technical mangle to our HAED Speak

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