mystery Sampler update

just to show i did actually full fill the first week requirements…
(anyone taking bets on how long i can keep it up…lol)
here is the first part completed…
i used HDF regular silk 1 strand grape ( the purple bit), Rose Quartz ( the Pink bit) and water Blue ( the blue bit) on 28 ct white Quaker cloth

I am trying to work out how i am going to convince Paul to go into work on Good friday or Easter Saturday to print off page 2……
i might have to hold Elegant Rabbit hostage again..( he has to have one every year for easter and one year he was being a smart**** so i broke its ears… he was good after that and now i just have to threaten rabbit at this time of the year and i get cooperation… see what happens when your family deprives you of stuff when you are growing up… i take advantage of it… evil grin)
mystery sampler 2


5 responses to “mystery Sampler update

  1. Your sampler looks stunning and I love the colours and can’t wait to see this grow *HUGS*

  2. pethairxstitcher

    Evil woman! the means you use to get your way…breaking off a rabbit’s ears is not cool (giggle) unless it is chocolate and then everything is fair game…grin.
    Excellent colour combo on your sampler…I suggest that the easter bunny (whose ears are still in tact) get you a printer for Easter in order to preserve his tail!

  3. Great colours. And man did I crack up when I read about you taking bunnies hostage. Breaking off ears LOL

  4. giggle … poor bunny.
    I love the colours your using. They go together beautifully. It’s good to see you’ve started, it may be a little while before I can start mine so in the mean time I’ll just have to live vicariously 🙂

  5. Love your colors. as for the bunny ears, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to get her chart. all’s fair in stitching and Easter bunnies. lol.

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