she is getting closer…..
I am sort of sad i will never see her finished IRL now… Michele has decided she will work the beads out, and i didn’t think it bothered me until i was taking her out of the Q snaps last night and i had a twinge of sadness that i would never actually see all the gaps finished ….
i think it will take at least two more rotations, maybe three that jewel bit around the bodice line is a real doosey so i think within 2 months!!

So now i have my Easter SAl and my Sampler SAl to do during my easter moel sttiching break…
so i will squoosh in time on Alien Cat , patchwork sampler and my mystery sampler ( if i can again bribe paul with going in to work and printing it… wy i has to be released after work on fridays i don’t know)..

Not sure what Paula and Sonya are stitching for their samplers this weekend, i have been bad and not emailed them to ask…. that is if Sonya can stitch….
i am NOT to start anything new…. i hope…. giggle


4 responses to “Elenia…..

  1. She looks wonderful adn I agree it is a bit of a bummer you won’t get to see the gaps filled in. You are so close to having her finished now though it must be a relief,
    I’m off to work today I am trying to squeeze little bits of stitching in where I can but honestly it will have to be on the RR if I am to haev any chance of getting it out to Sharon on time.
    Have a good easter miss fudgey. Looking forward to piccies of whatever it is you end up working on 🙂

  2. Elenia looks great but I’m with you about not being able to see her all finished up. Even a ‘normal’ finish I find bitter sweet…glad to have a finish but kinda lost that it isn’t with me anymore.
    Have a good Easter fudgey and hope your planned stitching time pans out. ((((HUGS))))

  3. pethairxstitcher

    Just awesome! and yes after all your work and time, not seeing the end result is horrid but then you do see her just before she goes off whilst we just get to see pictures! (hope that helps)
    As for stitching…nope, thumb is not co-operating yet…perhaps tomorrow…positive thinking.
    hugs and have a great stitchy weekend!

  4. I’m so impressed !
    Such a lot a stitches to obtain that gorgeous portrait !
    Congratulations. I love it so much.

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