Mystery sampler page 2

just quickly as i am off to spend the day in Launceston with my mum and the boys … of course…

i finished page two of the sampler .. pauly delivered it about mid day, and after various HAED?BB stuff i got going about 2.30–3 pm , took a 2 hour break for walking the dog and having dinner and finished it about 11.30 last night… i had to frog the rose section i had stitched last time before i started too..

so i am very happy with myself!

the new colours i used were Lager ( for the crown) and Azur ..which paul picked i was going to go with a pink but he was pretty firm it needed the azur and given he was actually paying attention to me i figured i should go with it

so i am off to deliver easter bilbys to the boys and to check out their new home in the bush were there are wallabies and possums roaming the garden and roof every night ( massive excitement).. actaully they do not have a gardenm yet as the house has only just been built and landscaping has not commenced, it will be a night mare with all the wild life getting anything going i suspect…
real Bilbies   easter Bilbies

 they also have a knitted bilby and a pile of soft toy bilbies and storybooks…

have a great easter everyone!
easter bunny


3 responses to “Mystery sampler page 2

  1. pethairxstitcher

    The colours in the sampler are rich, just like easter jelly beans! (the gourmet kind!)
    Love the bilbies…Especially the dark chocolate one…yummt.
    Have a super time with the family and do not forget to have your fill of choccies too!

  2. Hope you are having a wonderful Easter Fudgey! Yummy choccies! Your mystery sampler is looking super..I have almost finished page 2..isn’t it fun?! hugs

  3. I love the way your sampler is coming along. And thank you for the link to the Bilbies, they are so cute.

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