a little green kitty..and a BIG red sampler

here is my little green kitty
isn’t he a handsome devil

the thing that has jumped out and screamed at me in the past 24 hours is this sampler..
read the info.. yes that is 70 count they mention!!
i would love to buy the chart, i think next stop will be my wish list so i don’t lose the link
Jane Rees Reproduction Sampler
isn’t it magnificent … or am I just going crazy ?
well i am going crazy…. you know what i mean
next is a brilliant idea by Beth, i hope she won’t mind me linking her webshots album to this page, but the concept was so cool, she made a bookmark from the cirques chart, and being super clever she also made it a sparkley bookmark… the girl is too creative lol
anyway check this out Beth’s Cirques Bookmark
anyways i am tired , sinusy and fractious STILL… i need to shake myself out of this somehow…

it would help if Paul did not keep bursting out in song about how wonderful he is.. he won a golf tornament… naff prize was a watch ( he breaks watches as a hobby lol)  but the big thing was he now goes down to  a 4 handicap and he has not been that low since he was a junior golfer, he is about to go look at buying a new driver, ever noticed how golfers always believe a new golf club will work miracles… he needs to drop the singing at the top of his voice every 5 mins though


10 responses to “a little green kitty..and a BIG red sampler

  1. What a great idea from Beth to turn Cirques into a bookmark! Very pretty thread choice. Kitty cat is adorable too.
    And no, you’re not going crazy, that sampler is divine! I’m imagining it stitched in Vikki’s silks, yum!
    Tranquility is stitching up so beautifully too; it’s a fantastic mix of colours.

  2. Sorry you’re feeling under the weather!

    That sampler is stunning! Just beautiful. Have you ordered from the Scarlet letter before? (I haven’t, don’t know what’s stopping me)

  3. After all that, I forgot to say your little green kitty is looking just marvelous!

  4. ((((HUGS))))
    love your little Green Kitty

  5. Love your Alien kitty. you’ve gotten a lot done too.
    Beth is clever and did a lovely job on her bookmark. what a good idea.
    hope you’re feeling better.

  6. What a handsome green kitty!

    That red sampler is something else! There are a lot of colonial stitchy art places over here and lots of historical samplers and such around. Lots of miniature work, too. How they stitched those things in candlelight is beyond me!

    Feel better! *HUGS!*

  7. very cute kitty. I have to wait until I am at home to see the cirques bookmark but is sounds like a great idea.

    Try throwing things at Paul. The more he sings, the bigger they should be and the harder you throw them, that should shut him up 😉

  8. he he what a cutey!

  9. pethairxstitcher

    Good for Paul, it is always a good thing to have a happy hubby, they can be more generous that way. butter him up…you need a printer!

    love the new alien at your place…tell him to stay of the frog diet/ he looks a bit green.
    hugs and hope that you get to smile a bit!

  10. Your Green Kitty is stunning and coming along really well.
    I hope that you are less sinusy and fractious now.

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